" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 4, 2020

Whitley Strieber, The Grays, The Afterlife, & Messages From Anne ... and Robin Williams?

Zelda Williams tried out a popular Instagram filter — and the surprising result has been dubbed “divine intervention” by some
August 11, 11:11 and Rainbow People?
It's been a bizarre synchromystic week for me after just having finished Whitley Strieber's train-wreck of a novel 'The Grays', that once had a $3,000,000 script in development for a motion picture to be made by Sony pictures from it.
And that was BEFORE the book was even written.
I was wondering if the movie is still going to be made or not, although to be honest I couldn't see a decent movie being made from that book.
 As much as I like Whitley as a person, 'The Grays' to me was just a mish-mash of pop-cultural stuff floating around in the early 2000s, which obviously influenced Whitley as an author and a human being.
And the reason I say 'The Grays' was a train-wreck was that in 
'The Grays' the alien hybrid child that is going to save the world of the humans and aliens likes to stage train-wrecks with his toy train set and at that stage of the story I thought what a great metaphor that is for this book ... and it got a lot worse by the time the book concluded.
The Irony of Page 237 of Whitley Strieber's New Book
I thought it was amusing that there was 237 
hits when I watched that
You Tube
Whitley's "real life" experiences with "the visitors" don't resonate with me personally and my fascination with Whitley's books and life experiences, whether real or imagined or both, intrigue me like a pop-cultural author like Philip K Dick's life does.
I personally think Whitley has been going through an experience like Jung was going through when Jung wrote 'The Red Book'.
Something like a shamanic breakdown, more than an alien abduction experience.
I just don't think Whitley has had much luck in integrating his experiences like Jung did.
Now here is the thing that I've been thinking about as I slogged through Whitley's 2006 novel 'The Grays' and finished it over the New Year's weekend.
As much as I didn't like the novel, the timing of my reading a book that I'd been meaning to read over the years, which I owned and was sitting in my bookshelf in my living room couldn't have happened at a better time, not only in my life, but a lot of lives.
I bought the book years ago when I heard that $3,000,000 had been paid to a scriptwriter to turn this book into a motion picture, when the book was eventually written by Whitley.
Hey ... no pressure there right, Whitley?
I'm sure if I was in Whitley's shoes I would have gone all Jack Torrance trying to write this novel Sony had paid some guy $3,000,000 to make a movie from, too.
I had pretty much forgotten about 'The Grays' until the day in December, 2019 that I was on the floor putting my Christmas tree together and looked up to see Strieber's novel in my bookcase.
A thought hit me that I should read that book now, or give it to a secondhand bookshop, so someone else could read it.
I don't like to give books away that I have bought over the years and am yet to read, as it has been my experience that I always seem to read them when I need to, and that if I bought the book on a whim in the first place that there is probably something in the book that I need to read that will affect my life, whether that book is a pile of trash, a classic, or somewhere in-between.
So I picked the book off the shelf and was determined to finish it, no matter how good, or bad it was ... and by the time I had read it, I thought it was the worst Whitley Strieber book I had ever read and could see why a movie was never made from its pages.
Whitley's most  iconic work perhaps is 'Communion', which I bought and read when I was around 23 in 1987. 
And read again years later. 
I bought it because of the cover image of the being on the front, as that image did resonate on some level with me, but after reading Whitley's book and the events that he claimed really did happen to him, I didn't know what to believe, as I knew he was a moderately successful fictional horror writer and that aliens weren't such a big leap from the subjects he had been writing about and had already had a bit of success with, like werewolves and vampires.
Throughout the years Whitley has stated how he regretted mentioning the alien beings anal probing him and all the flack he has copped in the media ... and now "social" media.
Is that meant to be a kingfisher in his beard?!
Animal Dreaming (Kingfisher)
 Anal probing by aliens is a joke commonly made regarding popular culture that originates with Whitley Strieber's work of narrative nonfiction 'Communion: A True Story' (1987), as seen in You Tubes like this crap below.
I only chose it because the guy on the tree reminds me of Jung's Philemon angel being, so it kind of goes together, pardon the rather graphic sexual pun ... and I'm certainly not into anything sexually anal in nature, I can assure you.
Hey, but whatever floats your boat ... or spaceship, I guess:-)
On December 31st, 2019, I had decided to go to the cinema to see the movie 'CATS', but I needed to pick up two 2020 wall calendars, otherwise come January 1st, 2020 I would have only my old calendars hanging on my kitchen walls and I didn't think that was very auspicious to ring in the New Year of 2020 with.
So I decided to go to the 1:30pm session of 'CATS' at the Dendy cinemas at Coorparoo, so I could head out through the Chinese populated Brisbane suburb of Sunnybank and drop into a newsagent I knew I could rely on getting a 2020 Chinese wall calendar from, as well as a 2020 western calendar for my wall.
CATS Just in Time for RATS?
January 1st and a White Rabbit Hole?
Now as I'm heading out to Sunnybank I'm driving along a road I haven't driven on for quite a while and I see a new billboard ad which has a guy being abducted by a UFO, like in this screenshot below.
That's because it's their billboard ad.
But with me not watching much TV I wasn't yet aware of this ad campaign. 
That was until I got to the cinema and I saw the ad right before the screening of 'CATS'.
And what do you know, there's a joke about anal probing in it:-)
I couldn't help but wonder who had influenced the makers of this ad, hey Whitley?-) 
Then when I get home after watching 'CATS', which I actually enjoyed seeing to be honest.
(If you are a fan of the musical stage show CATS, like I am, then go with the audience rating rather than the critics BS rating of the movie.
Yeah, it's not the stage show, but it is fun all the same.)
I sit down to watch the New Year's Eve fireworks and hear that 'Sneaky Sound System''s song UFO has made the Australian national ABC TV's fireworks soundtrack -
2019: UFOs Became Real?!
Red Pill Junkie in UFO
How Did Sneaky Sound System's Song UFO Get on the 2020 Sydney Fireworks Soundtrack?
And then after I had been playing 'A Friend Like Me' sung by 
Robin Williams on my iPod ... just because I felt like I needed a genie right now to help me out in 2020 I see the above news story in my news feed where Zelda Williams got the genie played by her late father as an avatar. 
The thing is that Robin Williams died exactly one year before
Anne Strieber did, on August 11.

It washes over you roughly half an hour after
What can I say, but, "plate of shrimp?"

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