" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 19, 2020

Snail Tales and Snail Trails?

A Day or two after I had written a post about a town in Spain along the Camino -
Quentar: Sync or Swim?
Camino de Santiago
I was at a Shell petrol station (owned by Coles) putting some fuel into my car, while glancing out over the distant hills in the Gold Coast Hinterland on the horizon, that I spent many a day in my youth bushwalking in with mates from work on our weekends off.
I had just spent the last few days watching You Tubes of people walking the Camino and my old unfit bushwalking feet started getting itchy for those old walking days again.
As I'm filling my tank, wondering if I should think about ever doing the Camino I half-jokingly ask God for a sign if I should.
I finish putting the petrol into my tank, then go inside to pay for my fuel and get some bread and a packet of potato chips.
The guy at the register pulls out a packet from under the counter and places it next to my groceries and tells me I've earned a free surprise book with my purchases, without even asking me whether or not I want it. 
I was about to tell him to keep the book and give it to the next customer when a "voice" in my head said, "no, this is your sign."       
So, I took it home with me thinking I could always give it away to my niece's little girl later.
I hope that "Mr. Big Nose" isn't
meant to be a
Jewish publisher?
The premise of the book is that a group of snails trained in the Ninja arts are able to function outside of time and deliver a book to a "big nosed" publisher in 5 minutes, which takes the snails over one hundred years (outside of normal time) to deliver for their trainers.
When I read about the snail's long journey, I couldn't help thinking of a book I bought and read of Ailsa Piper's called 'Sinning Across Spain' and of Ailsa's love of the snail as a walking metaphor -
The Way To Byron Bay Via Spain
A Crow, Six Snails and an Ant
Snail trails
Wow, Treehouse Books are front page news it appears?-)
These 'Little Treehouse' books are the latest offer from one of Australia's top two supermarket chains in the battle of the pester-power wars, with Woolies about to bring out their Ooshie's once more -
Lion King Ooshies?
Woolworths to partner with Disney+ for
specially themed Ooshie range?
I don't know if those little black eyed children toys from Woolies are a good thing or not to collect -
I'm Sure That There's a Message Here Somewhere: Black Eyed Children/David WEATHERly/SKYMAN/Carl MerryWEATHER/Michael?
But that snail book might just be the sign I need to start learning Spanish and dusting off my walking books, for when the Covid clears, and we can travel around the world once more.
Well, it gives me a goal, and if the Covid doesn't clear at least I'll be able to talk Spanish over a Zoom call to Quentar:-)
A Great Little Tiny Book

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