" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 21, 2020

Andras Jones, Radio8Ball, Owls and Synchromagic?

The Owl and the Pussy-cat
I listened to the latest 'The Unseen' podcast featuring my old sync-mate Andras Jones demonstrating his Radio8Ball App to Mike Clelland.
The Unseen Podcatcast: Andras Jones, Radio8Ball, and Synchromagic!
The Radio8Ball App
The Radio8Ball App gave Mike the song from the band 'Brother, Sister' titled 'Losing in a Landslide', which I find amusing on many levels.
Hmm ... Brother/Sister?
Wasn't Mike the inspiration for the movie 'Skyman', going by Dan Myrick's confession on the 'Somewhere in the Skies' podcast interview?
I'm still yet to see the movie, as living in Australia the VOD sites won't rent it to me yet.
But I have heard reviews and podcast interviews about the film.
 And I noticed that 'Brother/Sister' are playing 'The Canyon' on Mike's birthday of August 22nd, 2020:-)
And it's an Alan ABBAdessa Green tribute show, too:-)
Hindsight Alright?
Sorry Cassandra I Misunderstood?
Rabbit ears on an 8Ball?-)
But my spidey-senses tell me this song was actually a good omen for Mike, not a bad one.
Mike just has to do a bit of mental digging to find the gold in them thar hills between his ears, I feel.
Now here is a bit of a kitchen sink for Mike:-)
When I put the name of the 'Brother/Sister' song, plus the word owl into a DuckDuckGo news search engine, one of the news stories about owls and landslides was from Scotland -
Barn owl trapped in thick mud saved from ‘sticky end
"Dale managed to hook the owl out of the mud with a stick from the woods. 
The whole thing took about 45 minutes.”
With its feathers caked and matted, Ms Moir wrapped newly-named ‘Rowan’ safely in her [W]hoodie before seeking the advice from a falconer and local gamekeeper Garry MacLennan."
August 22 - Southern Hemisphere [W]Hoodie-[W]Hoo Day?-)
When I saw the little girl had named the barn owl 'Rowan' I couldn't help thinking of the bizarre occurrence when I was in Hobart, Tasmania in 2016 walking back to the city from the Cascade Brewery between bus stops, when I spotted the name 'The Rowans' on an iron gate.
I was taking a picture of the gate to take back home and show my mother, because we had neighbours named Rowan, and their kids were the ones who tried to help me over my fear of dogs when I was about six or seven.
I was so proud of getting over my fear of dogs that one day when I was over at the Rowans' place when they were throwing a birthday party, I bent down to pat the dog while it was eating a sausage, yelling out to my mother to show her how brave I was when it came to dogs.
None of my mentors had told little ol' me that patting a dog while it is eating could be a dangerous thing to do.
The dog jumped up and near bit my bottom lip off, and my mother had to take me to the doctor to get stitches.
After that day I have always been weary of dogs, especially big ones.
A Wonderland of Coincidence in the Book Cellar
The dead-ringer cat from Hobart, 2016
I think that Hobart cat liked me somehow:-)
As I'm taking a photo the Rowans gate, I feel something wrapping around the leg of my jeans, and when I look down there is a dead-ringer of my cat, which had been dead for about 21 years at that point.
Owl COINcidence?
My cat Sylvester on a rock at Minerva St.
There might be a message in that R8B App song for all three of us there Mike?-)
But I'll bet Alan ABBAdessa Green is still not impressed with my sync-work, right Al?-)

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