" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 26, 2020

Singers, [Black] Dogs and the Corona-virus?

Released on 'Star Wars Day' 2020?
Singer Dami Im has shared photos of her bloody wounds
The podcast I listened to before getting out of bed this morning
I had read the news story last night about Dami Im getting bitten by a dog while walking in her neighbourhood (which just happens to be my neighbourhood, too) and I thought back to my recent post I wrote about why I prefer cats to dogs as pets, and my trust/fear of big dogs -
Andras Jones, Radio8Ball, Owls and Synchromagic?
Dami Im has been left reeling after her morning walk ended in an unexpected dog bite
I wouldn't have been so forgiving of that dog owner's dog if I was the one who got bit on my morning walk.
But it's knowing that there are dog owners who let their dogs wander out in the street unsupervised is why I don't go on walks around the neighbourhood often.
I often see people walking around the streets in the mornings and afternoons getting some exercise, and I used to wonder if anyone gets attacked by dogs wandering the streets.
I guess now I know of one person who has, which makes me happy to ride an exercise bike in front of a TV set, rather than walk the streets of Dogsville to get fit.
I was thinking of writing a post about Dami's dog bite and my own trust/fear of dogs before I went to bed last night, but decided that it wasn't really enough for a post.
Then with me being one of those lunatics who actually believe that the Covid 19 pandemic is a real thing, I was listening to the latest BBC 'Corona-virus Global Update' before getting out of bed this morning and the topics were about South Korea closing schools because of a spike in positive infections, as well as highlighting a singer named Arlo Parks and her new song titled 'Black Dog' about living with depression (which I don't, touch wood ... although reading my blog you probably would think I did suffer from depression, but I can assure you that I don't, or haven't yet suffered from it in my life in a clinical sense).
I had not heard of the singer Arlo Parks before listening to the BBC podcast this morning, but remembering the write ups I have done about the South Korean movie 'Parasite' which is about the Parks and the Kims, made me think of another Park I wrote about -
Dark Seoul?
It sure seems like a synchromystic world/universe to me:-)
Heroic Self Care with Rosie Waterland?

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