" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 8, 2020

Seeing Monsters in Real Life?

Scientists unravel the mystery of a real-life sea monster?
MU Podcast #24.06: Cuckamaton
Giant Monsters of the Oceans and Seas
Monsters of the Deep by Nick Redfern
"Palaeontologists have long known that the species once lived in Switzerland's Monte San Giorgio basin during the Middle Triassic period (about 242 million years ago).
They also knew the bizarre-looking 20-foot creature had a remarkably long neck, which at 3m long was half of its entire length."
CARL was born in Switzerland, too?-)
I listened to the free part of the 'Mysterious Universe' podcast this morning, mainly because of the compass mandala looking image on the MU podcast episode web-page and the links to Nick Redfern's new book about sea monsters.
I guess that there are two mandalas counting the one on the MU logo
I was going to skip listening to this episode when I saw that Nick's book was going to be discussed in the subscriber section, and I'm not a subscriber or want to be.
Plus, the free section of the episode was going to to go into a book by an author who I'm not a fan of after being referred to that author's alleged past crimes, which I touched on in this old post -
The Mysterious Universe of Number 11?
But when I saw a current news story today about a supposedly real monster that used to live in a Swiss lake, I thought maybe that is a sign to put my egoistic prejudices aside, if only to have a listen to these MU guys give their spiel.
 If nothing else, it made me remember that I still have Peter Carey's novel 'The Chemistry of Tears' in my bookcase waiting for me to read -
The Chemistry of Tears
The Twist in the Tale?
Peter Carey on Desert Island Discs?
UFOs and a Blast From My Past?
Sometimes it seems like the world is full of monsters, either real or imaged:-(
Owl COINcidence?

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