" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 11, 2020

Hindsight Alright?

You're right about 'Red Ice' and 'Alex Jones' Alan, but you're still an a#sehole with your head stuck firmly up your own ass, s#itting on other sync-heads behind their backs and whose work you don't get, or judge to be inferior to your own.
Writers on Writing on Podcasts?
If you had have concentrated more on synchronicity than politics, and took the middle path more like Jake Kotze and Chris Knowles do, then the SyncBook group might have become a lot more popular than having to rely on those RIGHT ICE Nazis to sell books for you, while you try to go hard LEFT on them.
The majority of the people are more centered in their politics and are sick to death of hard right/hard left politics and can make up their own minds, and don't want to hear your political whingeing all the time disguised as "sync".
Go back and listen to yourself (which I'm sure you like doing anyway) in all of those mostly mind numbingly boring
'Always Record' podcasts.    
And go down to South America and do some Ayahuasca when the Covid clears, and please "Always Record" those sessions for me to hear Mother Ayahuasca pull your head out of your ass.
I'll even throw in some Patreon money to hear those sessions:-)
No need to thank me when you do.
And take Trump, Biden, Putin and that Chinese dickhead with you when you go, too.
Cheers Alan (Green):-)


Dennis/87 said...

What is up with the always record? Darren you are spot on. To shine forth is key. 87

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I don't bother listening to it anymore Dennis, since the episode Mr.Green the "expert" on synchronicity raves on about an Australian guy that used to be in the SychBook's private Facebook group, whose work Alan found to be too trivial for his taste, and wanted to boot from the group like some other a#sehole he now has in it.
The only guy worth listening to on 'Always Record' out of the three main "hosts" was David Plate, and half the time he just spoke in esoteric riddles that flew over the top of my head.
Alan and Bill just liked to shit on everyone else, thinking their own shit didn't stink.
It was a podcast I would listen to and hope I would get some reward for my time, but in the end it was just time I'll never get back again having wasted.
Luckily for me that I would just have it running while I was doing the housework, but I could have been listening to some other worthwhile podcast instead.
'42 Minutes' was/is the better of the podcasts the SyncBook have, but the format of letting someone only talk for 42 Minutes and then abruptly cutting them off when the 42 Minutes is up is frustrating when the guest has only just got going.
'Synchronize' with Andras Jones wasn't bad either, but it didn't last unfortunately.
Alan Green was only just a cat-herder of "sync-heads" when it came to try selling books, with the "sync-heads" giving their own opinions about what they thought the phenomenon of synchronicity was all about.
Alan probably thought he was going to make his fortune off those books and any side projects connected with the books and those "sync-heads".
The trouble for him was that he couldn't.
Once he tried to paywall the site he lost me, since the whole idea I thought was to bring "sync" to the general public.
The books were a good idea and an interesting read, but in the end Alan was too much of a anarchist/left-wing/capitalist/conspiracy theorist (if that's even possible) who was more interested in conspiracy than synchronicity for my liking.
Probably the best thing to come out of the group was Joe Alexander's 'BTTF
Predicts 9/11' film which most of us helped Joe with.
But that was mainly Joe's baby, not Mr.Green's.
Green's just someone who is nice to your face and stabs you in the back when you aren't looking, or he doesn't think I'm listening to him "Always Recording" shit.
And I write this knowing some minion will tell him about it eventually, if he isn't reading it for himself at some point.