" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 14, 2020

Happiness Goes in Cycles Like Dirty Laundry?

Happy Place Podcast
... and do the laundry?
I wonder who Elizabeth was referring to back in February?-)
My new laundry hamper I bought in March, 2020
Things have certainly gone to s#it since March, 2020;-)
There was even Dettol on special in March:-)
So, if you are wondering what the story is with all of the above pictures, in February this year I saw a newspaper magazine lift-out featuring Elizabeth Gilbert, who was giving a talk in my hometown of Brisbane at the Southbank Convention Centre in March this year.
I saw this as a sign at the time, not to go to the Convention Centre to listen to Elizabeth, but to finish reading her bloody book 
'Eat Pray Love' that has just been sitting on my desk for months now ... and still is.
I have watched the movie though, and I was planning on watching it again, when and if I finished reading the book.
I've always thought Elizabeth has a bigger book in her than 'Eat Pray Love' and I still believe she does, but I've always thought the idea of chasing happiness was a futile pursuit, especially when it comes to love.
My Happy Mess?
Happy Place Podcast: Elizabeth Gilbert
What is "Your" Overall Intention For Your Life?
After I had read the Elizabeth Gilbert piece in the newspaper lift-out titled 'LIFE LOVE LOSS' I did a search in Apple podcasts for any recent podcasts that Elizabeth had been on lately, and that's when i stumbled across Fearne Cotton's 'Happy Place' podcast site.
With me being from Australia I had not heard of Fearne Cotton before finding her podcast:-)
Wow, her father-in-law is 'The Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood.
Fearne has even interviewed author's who I have met and read their books and loved, like Sarah Wilson and Matt Haig.
Happy Place Podcast: Sarah Wilson
You Can't Get What You Want If You Don't Know What You Need?
Happy Place Podcast: Matt Haig
The Lighthouse and the Dark Synchromystic Rabbit Hole?
Those above 'Happy Place' podcasts are are a good listen, but my two favourites (out of the ones I listened to) were the Russell Brand ... and by far the Ricky Gervais one.
Russell Brand: in isolation
Life, Death and the Space Between?
Happy Place Podcast: Ricky Gervais
Whatever you do listen to that Rick Gervais podcast, and watch the 'After Life' series of his.
It's about a guy whose wife passes away from cancer and he is left with just him and his "black dog".
Life, just like supermarket catalogue cycles is full of spin and can clean you out and leave you feeling washed up ... if you let it:-)
Now, where was I up to in that bloody book, 'EAT PRAY LOVE'?
Softening into the Timeless Cycle of Presence?

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