" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 7, 2019

GHOST MAGNET with Bridget Marquardt?

I listened to the latest 'The Unexplained' podcast which featured Bridget Marquardt and found out Bridget is starting her own paranormal podcast called, 'Ghost Magnet' -
Edition 385 - Bridget Marquardt
Hugh Hefner and Bridget Marquardt, in The Girls Next Door (2005)
Bridget Marquardt in The Girls Next Door (2005)
I found the 'The Unexplained' podcast of Howard Hughs with Bridget quite interesting really considering that I was initially going to skip it.
Especially when Bridget tells of contacting a creepy version of her great grandfather with a Ouija board when she was a young girl.
Those Conspiracy Guys and the Ouija Board
Natasha de Tracie: AKA Lillian Lovecraft
Should I Use a Ouija Board: Yes or No?
Bridget should get Australian rock legend Jimmy Barnes on her show to tell her of his sister's traumatic experience with the Ouija board like he writes about in the above book of his.
I personally wouldn't use a Ouija board, but it's just a tool, but you have to be careful as it's much like asking for some entity to write with your hand on pen and paper for you.
And would you let any old stranger into your house?
Bridget Marquardt in The Girls Next Door (2005)
I mean apart from Bridget of course:-)
Starring Bridget Marquardt ... kind of
I must admit to reading 'Playboy' magazine in my younger years from time to time ... and I really did buy it mainly for the articles ... but I did like looking at female flesh as well to be honest.
Although when I grew up I stopped reading 'Playboy' ... and started reading 'Penthouse', because it had better articles;-)
Anna Faris and Emma Stone in The House Bunny (2008)
I had never watched 'The House Bunny' before, but since Bridget was in it and Emma Stone I watched it on Netflix this morning.
Especially since Emma Stone is one of Jake Kotze's synch resonators (see Jake's Dark Knight synch video below).
The 27 club in 'The House Bunny'?!
I had to laugh when Anna gets kicked out of the Playboy Mansion when she turns 27.
Like in the infamous 27 club maybe?-)
Sharon Tate didn't make it to 27 though sadly.
From Jake Kotze's Instagram feed
Bridget does mention the "ghosts" that haunt the guy's house who lives next door to where Sharon Tate was murdered and how his figurines keep falling over in Howard Hugh's podcast.
Well, Speak of the Devil Part 2: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Luke Perry and Oz?
A scene from 'The House Bunny' just before a pig runs into the house
A scene from 'The House Bunny' 
Tarantino's movie about the Manson murders comes out in 2019 the Year of the Pig, by the way.
Starring Emma Stone and bunnies?-)


Olivia Colman, The Queen, Rabbits and Australia Day?
Maybe it's time for another Emma Stone synch film Jake, as her acting roles are one big rabbit (w)hole it seems?-)
As is Drew Barrymore's;-)
The Year of the Pig started on January 31st, in 1995, by the way
The Dark Bunny?
Fritz Koenig, The Sphere and 222?
That's all folks?!

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