" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 15, 2019

An ImportANT Message for Me in My Coffee Cup?

Do those coffee grounds look like ants to you?
Am I just making mountains out of ant hills?-)
I wrote a recent post about tea leaf reading and my efforts to get more into tea drinking, instead of my habitual coffee drinking 24/7 -
Tea Leaves a Message?
Alas, what can I say, but that to me tea drinking sucks.
I even tried to get into the tea drinking spirit while drinking tea out of my tin camping cup while reading along with Miriam Lancewood's book 'Woman in the Wilderness' -
Possums, Pests and Other Stories People Like to Tell Themselves and Others About?
Which just made me realize how much I hate both camping and tea.
Still reading Miriam's book filled me with a sense of gratitude for my life ... and my coffee:-)
Luckily for me I found out that you can also read coffee grounds left in your coffee cup.
One of my favourite coffee cups I bought from a lady at the Byron Writers Festival years ago.
It's handmade and has the words "to forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves."
Follow Your He(art)!
I decided that I would drink some ground coffee out of my favourite cup and see what I could make out of reading what was left in the bottom of my cup.
I've got to admit though that I did have ants on the brain having read the quote about whether a blob could be seen as an elephant or an ant in my 'Tea Leaf Reading' book.
Plus, I had just read a chapter from the book that I was reading 'F*CK WHALES' about ants.
Saving the F*cking Whales?
I should probably mention another old post of mine here which I wrote last year about a plant that was growing in my backyard and whose leaves can be made into a powder and drunk as a coffee substitute -
Spring Has Sprung Down-Under and So Have the Weeds?
Unfortunately those three dandelions went berserk and spread their seeds all over my pavers, so the weed killer came out and so did they.
Lucky Bamboo/Lily and Dandelions
I'd also seen the above cartoon in the local newspaper before I read the coffee grounds in the bottom of my cup, so I really did have ants on the brain at the time I guess.
And I couldn't see anything but ants when I was looking in my cup at the coffee grounds, so I looked up in my 'Tea Leaf Reading' book what ants symbolized in a reading.
Kind of reminded me of the time I saw a lone ant when I was eating some snails at a restaurant and then latter looked up the shamanic meaning of ants -
A Crow, Six Snails and an Ant
I thought I'm sure there is a message for me somewhere here, but what?
Then I stepped out into my backyard to throw a sardine tin into my recycling bin and couldn't believe that while all my weeds were gone, my pavers were covered in ant nests.
Probably a message for me here, as well?
At least they weren't termites I guess.
Anyway, time for a cuppa, plus I've got some more reading to do:-)

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