" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 30, 2021

Ghosts, Spirits, Haunted Places ... and Suicide?

I wrote about stumbling across a podcast/You Tube show called 'Edge of the Rabbit Hole' in this recent post -
Inside Trauma and eXperiencers?
Ghosts, Spirits and Haunted Houses with Rob Gutro
I found this episode above featuring a guy I had not heard of before named Rob Gutro quite thought provoking, as while those ghost-busting shows on TV I take with a grain of salt, I am a 100% believer when it comes to ghosts being a real phenomena.
Also having attempted suicide myself as a young 20 year old (36 years ago) I know full well the mindset of people who do take, or attempt to take their life ... and no, it's not a "mental illness" that drives most people to suicide as the "experts" like to tell you.
Most times it's just a sane rational decision taken when life in this insane world paints you into a very dark corner of despair that you can't see yourself ever getting out of ... and since you will die eventually ... well.
Not that I condone ... or condemn taking your own life, but it's not something to take lightly, not because I think you'll go to hell or some such BS place, but you will be impacting other lives most probably and I do believe this will bring hellish karmic consequences not only to you (the soul), but to the lives you leave behind.
And ... SPOILER ALERT ... you will survive afterwards to see those effects play out on the earthly realm, so maybe that is like being in a kind of hell of regret watching people you love left behind suffer over their loss?
So suicide is something worth talking about on shows such as these I feel, with the despair of a lot of individuals who probably think this life is all you have to live ... because I believe you have a lot more living to do after you "die".
I also listened to a podcast episode of  the comedy show 
'Alien Theorists Theorizing' about a place I am well familiar with and believe that I have encountered "ghosts" in ... Port Arthur in Tasmania.
Hit Me with Your Best Shot
And I found it ironic that I listened to that episode about the 
Apple Isle on Apple Podcasts on my iPad, but found out when I clicked on the Apple link to the podcast's website that it was at 
Does that mean my home state of Queensland won't make the cut?-)
Ah well, so be it, at least we have the 2032 Olympic Games heading our way to Brisbane and if we still have our borders closed to the rest of the world we will win all of the medals that year:-)
I couldn't help noticing that another podcast I stumbled across and wrote about in this post seems to be using
'Alien Theorists Theorizing' as a cheat sheet when it comes to looking for subjects to talk about -
Randonautics: Theories of the Third Kind?
I also listened to the first 'Jimmy Akin's Mysterious World' podcast episode this morning which was about Jimmy and his Dom mate telling us their thoughts about ghosts coming from it from their viewpoint as a practicing Roman Catholics, which I am not.
Although my Nan was a Roman Catholic and I grew up around a lot of Roman Catholics, so I do like a lot of Roman Catholic beliefs and practices, but the dogma I can do without and I don't believe The Bible to be much more than man-made heavily edited myths all thrown into one book.
So I find it interesting hearing Jimmy and Dom investigate things under the lens of a Book they do believe in as God's Word in all Earthly and unEarthly things.
I stumbled across 
'Jimmy Akin's Mysterious World' podcast when I was looking for podcasts about remote viewing the other day.
And I was surprised to hear that Jimmy had road tested the Randonautica app on one recent episode.
But you have to keep those eyes open while out Randonauting:-)
God does work in mysterious ways it would seem?-)

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