" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 9, 2021

The Truth is Out There ... and So Are the BeLIEverS?

The Art of Close Encounters by Kim Carlsberg
My iPad and books on the table
The Unexplained Podcast Edition 554 featuring Steve Bassett
The other day I was sitting at my kitchen table with my iPad propped against some books I was reading with the intention of passing them on to other readers who want to read them.
I had just watched the movie '12 Strong' on Binge, because I'm half way through a book I bought at the Byron Writer's Festival a few years back called 'Danger Music' which is about the author
Eddie Ayers teaching music to Afghan children in Afghanistan.
Go Take Another Hike Hemsworth!-)
After watching the movie I flicked my iPad to Apple Podcasts and listened to the latest 'The Unexplained' podcasts that appealed to my sense of curiosity.
I'm on the fence when it comes to this alien stuff, but I like to listen to any account someone who seems reasonably sane might want to tell.
But I am a big believer is "synchronicity" -
Thoth, Writing, Books, Magazines and SubSCRIPTions?
One of those books in the pile of books on my kitchen table my iPad was leaning against as I listened to 'The Unexplained' podcast just happened to be Kim Carlsberg's book The Art of Close Encounters which I had bought years ago when I had heard
Mike Clelland (The Owl Guy) talking about his contribution to her book.
Mike Clelland's "contact" story and art in Kim's book
I had owned read Kim's first book '
Beyond My Wildest Dreams: Diary of a UFO Abductee' but have since given it away to a book exchange somewhere out there.
But her second book I had kept because I liked the artwork in the book -
From The Art of Close Encounters
From The Art of Close Encounters
There does seem to be a baby in the bathwater of both of Kim's book quite literally too, in a way.
CITD Sounds Like a Virus or Some Kind of New Syndrome to Me;-)
But I think there seems to be a lot of bath water, too.
Awake in the DREAM Radio with Kim Carlsberg
I decided to track down some You Tubes and podcasts Kim had been on and found a podcast from 2012 called 'Awake in the Dream' where Kim says her "Grays" were off white and reminded her of the Pillsbury Doughboy.
I then watched the 1972 TV commercial above featuring the doughboy.
Sometimes it's hard to tell reality from pop-cultural myth I think:-)
It looks like the doughboy has been hybridized since it first appeared and been given nice trustworthy blue eyes, rather than those original black eyes.
I guess green eyes would have looked a little too spooky or alien?-)
I don't know what to make of Kim's encounters, or how real they are when it comes to her everyday life experiences, but I can tell that THEY are real to her.  
7 is my life path number, by the way:-)
Uploaded on July 7th (7/7/21)?
From The Art of Close Encounters
I found it amusing that a podcast recorded in London on
July 2nd, 2021 was uploaded on Apple Podcasts on July 7th, 2021 Australian time, at least, according to George Knapp (KnappDream?-) who says it was being recorded on
World UFO Day:-)
Not that I would trust Knapp or Corbell to tell me the truth about UFOs anymore than if they were selling a used car to me;-) 
George even mentions to Howard a debate in the
House of Lords he heard in the news the other day about UFOs:-)
I find it a bit of a coincidence that World UFO Day is just two days from Independence Day and green-eyed Tom Cruise, who is into some wacky alien sci-fi cult is born on July 3rd:-)
Starring Liam Hemsworth?-)
Independence Day Came a Little Earlier This Year it Looks Like;-)
As much as I like Kim's book for the artwork, I think it is time for it to find a new home with the help of the "book angel", as like Banksy's book, I hardly ever pull it out of the bookcase to look at anymore -
Was Banksy Ahead of His Time When it Came to COVID 19?-)
Off to the book exchange they go
And I like how Howard gives a shout out to Mullumbimby in that podcast with Steve Bassett, as Mullum is where I saw 'The Church' play back in 2014 -
The Mullum(bimby) Music Festival 2014 (Part 1)
Mullumbimby is known as Australia's home to the most anti-vaxers in one area and is just up the road from the Hemsworths home of Byron Bay.
So if you head to Mullum make sure that you have had your shot:-)  
A World Full of Pricks?
Catch FLU-22 or DELTA Skelter?

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