" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 16, 2021

"Some Redneck Boy From Arkansas" on Air Lighting the Void?

For [S]Crying Out Loud With The Rev Dan Lopez
I like to have a listen to the 'Lighting the Void' podcast now and again, not because I believe half of the BS National Enquirer like bat-s#it crazy theories Joe and some of his guests sprout out of their pie-holes, like in that 'Grimerica'/'Lighting the Void' crossover podcast in the You Tube above.
"Some Redneck Boy From Arkansas" is a quote from that July 13th, 2021 'Lighting the Void' podcast straight out of Joe's own mouth, not mine.
I like his Arkansas drawl though.
I guess Joe's voice reminds me of the cowboy out of
I like to listen to Joe's show at night and pretend that I'm driving on a lost highway somewhere in the Bible Belt listening to some paranoid guy in a little shack out in the sticks broadcasting his radio show into the air while 'Twin Peaks' like freaks are about to break in and take over the show to broadcast some other bat-s#it crazy devil message:-)
I guess listening to Joe Rupe is like a podcast version of 
'The Truman Show' for me to hear about his wacky magical adventures and his latest conspiratorial rants.
Scrying: As above, so below Joe?-)
I just like to hear how all of that magick practice is working out for Joe as he works through all of that shadow work.
And to laugh at some of those nut-bag Bible thumping guests who Joe interviews like Tim Doyle, the Christian alien hunter who probably is being paid by some Fundie church to debunk the whole UFO scene as the work of Satan:-)
Going Full Retard and Chasing Negitive Windmills?
 At least I got a cool cushion from Latvia to sit on while I eat my Riga Sprats and listen to the recorded air waves on my iPad:-)
Lighting the Void from Latvia?

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