" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 22, 2021

Metcalfe, Bowie, 2016 and the Night Mind?

When I was doing an Apple Podcast search for David Metcalfe for my last post -
THE SAUCERS WILL KEEP THEIR SECRETS: MeCALFe and Trends in the Year of the Ox?
I stumbled across a podcast featuring Nathaniel Metcalfe on James Acaster's BBC Radio podcast talking about David Bowie's last album 'Black Star' and the year 2016.
Then I heard David Metcalfe talking about David Bowie and dream states on the 'Nox Mente' podcast (which means Night Mind) and I thought to myself that 2016 was probably the best and worst year of my life so far, as my football team won their first ever NRL grand final not that many weeks after my dad passed away.
I even have the year tattooed on my arm.
My Happiest Birthday Ever
Nathaniel Metcalfe & David Bowie’s Blackstar
Then I listened to James talking to Suzi Ruffell about a Latvian musician named Elizabete Balčus who writes music that comes to her in her dreams.
Suzi Ruffell & the One Women Orchestra
I was intrigued to hear Elizabete's music on so many levels after listening to the BBC podcast, because I had recently learned from my DNA test that I have about 4% Baltic in my genes from my father's father's side of the family (most probably Latvian), plus I wanted to hear her dream compositions.
I'd love to personally visit the Latvian city of Riga and see that beautiful little cathedral that NapolΓ©on wanted to put into his pocket and take home to France.
In fact most of Riga's churches look worth a visit to take a look at their beautiful architecture, I reckon.
But it looks like the only thing I'll see in person from Riga for a while is the Riga Sprats at my local ALDI supermarket:-(
Lighting the Void from Latvia?
Maybe that's where I got my green eyes from, although hers look a little freakier than mine:-) 
Listening to all of the dream talk in this post makes me wish that I could remember mine.
At least occasionally:-)
David Metcalfe- Synchronicity, Magic, Moths,
The Nature Of Reality
Sweat dreams.

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