" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 31, 2021


Placed in lockdown after six new COVID-19 cases
Queensland's 3 Day Lockdown Begins?
I'm starting to lose my confidence bit by bit, having to go through another Brisbane lock-down again, so I guess it's time to breakout the sheet music to a few Australian Crawl songs and rewrite a few lyrics to update them for these uncertain times we are going through in 202021 -
Corona-virus Confidence?
These are the original Downhearted lyrics above, for my readers who don't understand Australian:-)
A lift-out from last Sunday's Queensland newspaper:-)
Vaccine Cover-AGE?
Same lift-out from last Sunday's Queensland newspaper:-)
A vaccination guide in the middle of the vacation guide?-)
Turned 40 this July?-)
2021: Livin' in a Bubble?
Send in the Clowns?
Ironically, the last time I left Queensland to visit a beach was to go down to Byron Bay to catch up with some surfers, and I have never surfed in my life -
The Surf Gurus?
And the last time I can remember crossing the Queensland border was back in May 2019 to watch a movie at the cinema in Byron and then to go up to Bangalow  for some Chinese and to see a play called 'Dreamland' -
It's hard enough to plan a trip over the state border without losing considerable amounts of money by being forced into 14 days of hotel quarantine if you don't make it back before the DEADline.
And now even in my own hometown it's a case of "don't count your chickens" as my son and I had planned to spend a day at Redcliffe tomorrow and had bought tickets to see our NRL team the Sharks play Manly just up the road, but those chickens aren't going to materialize now:-( 
Spirit Materialization with Leslie Kean ... WHO Ya Gonna Call?
How Many Birds?

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