" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 26, 2021

Is a Dr. David Morehouse Remotely in the House?-)

Darkness Radio Podcast: David Morehouse
Dr. Morehouse - Remote Viewing
Nicole Marie Interviews - Former
CIA Remote Viewer
David Morehous
I haven't read David Morehouse's book 'Psychic Warrior', but I did listen to a few interesting podcasts that I found when I did a search for him on Apple Podcasts.
Luckily though I typed in 'Moorehouse' instead of 'Morehouse' into the search, or I probably wouldn't have stumbled across the 'Darkness Radio' podcast episode at the top of this post.
David Morehouse Productions
I heard about Morehouse's book on a 'Mysterious Universe' podcast over a week ago when one of the hosts mentioned the book coming up in the paid section, in the free part of the podcast episode, so I searched Apple Podcasts for any free podcasts that Morehouse had been on in the remote past:-) 
I listened to the two old ones above and then did a search for 'Remote Viewing' podcasts and found a 'Speaking of Jung' podcast about remote viewing and Dr. Morehouse.
And speaking of Jung, today is his birthday and he passed away
60 years ago this year -
It's also Stanley Kubrick's birthday:-)
So now I have plenty of remote viewing/listening to do now:-)
Edge of the Rabbit Hole Podcast: Remote Viewing
I wonder if anyone has tried to remote view down a rabbit hole?-)
And speaking of viewing, I might have to view
'Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood' tonight, as it is the 2 year anniversary of its cinema release today, also:-)
I wonder if eye can remote view this
2021 IRVA Conference from Australia?-)
I'll have to look into remote viewing more closely now I guess;-)

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