" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 1, 2021

F ... Crying Out Loud?

I saw this news story above in the local Queensland newspaper
'The Courier Mail' and thought there's a couple of trigger words combined together that my old mate (?) over at 'The Secret Sun' blog would get a triggered kick out of, "Vegan" & "Natalie Portman" and sure enough his latest post is about Natalie Portman and memes:-)
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Stars/Comments/Secret Sun ... get it?-)
Like Chris, I'm probably just seeing things that aren't really there to see ... but it makes for a laugh, no?-)
When it comes to Secret Sun theories, I have to ask, just how long is a piece of red string?
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From the same newspaper the Natalie Portman story was in:-)
Stick your carrots where the Secret Sun don't shine?-)
And while I'm not against a Vegan lifestyle, I do have a beef with them:-)
Vegan Curious?
Chris is starting to reminded me of this bloke above, but I can't tell if Chris is laughing or crying anymore with each post
he puts out:-)/:-(  
Would the real 'Krazy Kev' from Blackpool please cry out?-)
I'm gonna have to go for a drive up to Toowoomba and check out what Krazy Kev is crying about up there.  
An advert in the June 26th, 2021 Courier Mail newspaper:-)
When we are good to go, and come out of the latest lock-down, that is;-)
Queensland lockdown could be extended?
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And don't you 
Secret Sunners go drinking all of that Kool-Aid now, save some for the rest of us truth seekers:-)
Eat, Drink and Be Merry ... For Tomorrow We ... Lock-down?!

UPDATE: July 1st, 2021
How do you like these apples?-)
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After I see the apple/watermelon meme at the Secret Sun blog, I pick up 'Boy Swallows Universe' from where I left off reading it last night and this page ... SPOILER ALERT ... is about Eli Bell getting smuggled into a woman's prison on Christmas Day in a create of fruit in the back of a fruit truck, and what's the fruit on top of him?
Boy Swallows Universe and Brisbane Dentist Wakes Up With an Irish Accent Coming Out of Her Mouth?
And Trent Dalton started off working as a journalist for
'The Courier Mail' newspaper in Brisbane:-)

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