" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 2, 2021

Our Higher Selves: A Rose by Any Other Name Would...?

From Just Existing To Truly Living | Lisa Rose
I listened to the latest 'Guy Lawrence' podcast featuring Lisa Rose and then went and listened to her talk with Rick Archer at
'The Buddha at the Gas Pump' podcast and couldn't help thinking how much her experience seemed to be resonating with the semi-fictional story that I'm now over half way through reading,
'Boy Swallows Universe' and what I have heard from the author of that book telling about how he wrote it -
While I like Buddhism, I'm not into the Indian guru thing, but we all tread different paths to get to the same place in the end I guess.
And I think I get what Lisa is saying when she says, "we are God" in the drop is a part of the ocean type thing.
But in order for the drop to be the ocean, it has to be in the ocean and not separate from the ocean, because once it is a separate drop outside of the ocean, it doesn't have the power of the ocean anymore, until it once again becomes part of the ocean again ... speaking in metaphorical terms.
The Elephant, the Castle and the Smoke-screen Memories ... a Timely Synchromystical Metaphor Maybe?-)
I just like hearing people's life experiences about what they think the elephant in the room with us all on this journey is.
Kelsey Grammer has endured a succession of shocking, violent personal tragedies
Some lives are definitely more tragic than others on the journeys we all find ourselves in on this Earthly path.
Dr Frasier Crane and Rugrats Returning in the Year of the Ox?
Oh, and since today is 'World UFO Day' here is a song of the late (?) Jim Sullivan's UFO album that kind of goes with this post:-)

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