" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 6, 2021

The LORAX in the Room, FIG-gering Synchronicity Out and the Stories We Tell Ourselves and Others About IT?

"I'm FIGgering"?-)
Ficus benjamina, commonly known
weeping figbenjamin fig or 
ficus tree
I had never read or even known what 'The Lorax' was about until yesterday morning after listening to Sky Nelson-Isaacs talk about his LORAX acronym (Listen, Open, Reflect/Release, Act, X ... is to not give up[?!] on 'The Mystical Underground' podcast.
'The Lorax' just turned 50 this year?
I still haven't actually read 'The Lorax' but I did watch the
You Tube below yesterday morning, so that's good enough for me:-)
Sky Nelson-Isaacs:
The Science of 
The Lorax had me in
the flow with "old crows":-)
Trent Dalton at home
Bracken Ridge?
I had just finished reading Trent Dalton's semi-fictional novel
'Boy Swallows Universe' and gave the book to my youngest son to read yesterday night -
I'm glad that I listened to 'The Mystical Underground' podcast featuring Sky Nelson-Isaacs yesterday, as I was working on a post about the weeping fig tree I had removed from my front yard this year and a fig tree Trent Dalton writes about in the chapter titled 'Boy Parts Sea' from his book 'Boy Swallows Universe'.
Trent writes that the potted weeping fig tree in his father's
Bracken Ridge home was moved into the centre of the living room at Christmastime and was decorated with tinsel and served as a Christmas tree.
Drunk Again?
The Nature of the Secrets of a Celtic Mystic?
From 'Boy Swallows Universe'
The fig tree in Trent's book is named Henry Bath by his father after reading Henry Miller's novel 'Tropic of Cancer' which is a book I have had on my bookshelf for years, but am yet to read.
Henry Valentine Miller was born on December 26, which is the day after Christmas (AKA Boxing Day):-)
So many books still to read and so little time to read them all in:-)
Funnily enough, when I opened Henry's book to the first random page I got this passage highlighted below hitting my vision.
Page 167 of Henry Miller's
Tropic of Cancer
Don't you just love synchronicity/coincidence?
The reason I had my weeping fig tree removed from my front yard was to prevent its roots from damaging my water pipes that were running where its roots were probably heading.
I had no idea at the time that the Common Crow butterfly fed off the sap of the weeping fig trees.
And on the subject of weeping figs and Crow Butterflies that feed off the sap of the tree, I found out while listening to a Matty Johns podcast where he interviewed Trent at the Breakfast Creek Hotel (another place in Brisbane I have not been to yet) that Trent's dad was named Noel.
So I did a search for "Noel Dalton" and was surprised to find out his funeral was held on Bribie Island, home of the
It's Not the Number of Moments That Make Up Life ...
Little Flower Catholic Church,
First Avenue, 

Little flower/rose?
The Metaphor of The Rose ... and What Does it Really Mean (Sex or Love ... or Both)?
"Sickening smack"?
As I read 'The Lorax' I can't help but think how English is such a funny language, especially when it comes to slang, as the word "smack" can be used to describe a hard hit, or "heroin":-)  
And Trent tells how his step-father was serving time for heroin dealing.
Magic Words and the Power of Language?
It sure is a funny old world to a Onceler like me:-)
But I'm still FIG-gering it all out:-)
I've gotta get some more FIGJAM, too:-)
The Positive Psychology of Synchronicity?

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