" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 7, 2021

Going Full Retard and Chasing Negitive Windmills?

Skeptiko #508 Mitch Horowitz, Who Inspires You Satan or Jesus?
Interesting discussion between Skeptiko host Alex Tsakiris and "Satanist" Mitch Horowitz on Belief Systems.  
I have to say that I'm with Alex on this one in that I doubt very much if Jesus was a real historical person and I certainly don't believe in an entity such as Satan, but if I had to choose between two archetypal forces such as those it would be Jesus for me, as Jesus whether real or imagined points his finger to the real Force I believe in.
Whether I agree with Church dogma and politics is another thing altogether.
Me and my retarded brother, can you guess?-)
Not too sure about that "
Retard" analogy from the movie
'Tropic Thunder' though, as I grew up with a retarded older brother, and while it wasn't his fault he was born that way, growing up with him was a living hell, both for him and our family.
He never learned to talk or use the toilet for his whole 55 years that he was on this God forsaken planet and would throw massive screaming tantrums at the drop of a hat.
Which is why I have always had trouble in the Christian belief of one life to live and then it is either "GAME OVER" or Heaven.
Plus I had vague memories as a child of im/possible other lives I had lived, so reincarnation makes much more sense to me than what Christians will tell you they believe.
Still, I can take that in my stride if that's what they want to believe, as you can only live one life at a time anyway, so it's best to believe that this one is all you got, so you don't take your eyes off the ball.
But Mitch has got as much chance of me seeing Satanism as the way as Jehovah's Wittiness's have got from trying to sell me
The Watchtower and join their church.
Probably both nice people in their everyday lives, but I'm not in with their wacky thinking and superstitions, nor do I want to join their clubs.
Not sure about the kiddie-fiddling allegations Alex makes in the podcast to Mitch about so-called "Satanists", and I agree with Mitch about sick f#cks being in all institutions on this planet, especially in the Christian religions, not just the Catholic Church.
But I do agree with Alex with his doubts about trusting Mitch's slick spin.    
I listened to a BBC 'Start of the Week' podcast on my iPad this week titled 'Personal Faith and the Church' where these PC Warriors were calling for a black Jesus and other trivial BS.
I say if you don't like the narrative of the story of the Church, either take it in your stride like the BS dogma I ignore when I go to church occasionally, or get out of it and go your own way.  
PC Warriors give me the s#its, and while some of these PCers are sincere in their beliefs, most are just trouble makers looking for a fight with the "normies". 
I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid that any side wants me to drink, Satanists, Fundies, or PC Warriors.
To me God is an unknowable mystery, but a positive one.
Now, so long as I've got my own positive windmills and stars to chase:-)

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