" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 19, 2021

KLUTZ For Life?

Off to the book exchange for you KLUTZ:-)
I've been juggling juggling on my "bucket list" of things to learn for quite some time, as when it comes to juggling two balls, oranges or anything the size and shape of oranges, I'm not that bad.
But when I try juggling three of those things my mind turns to mush and I turn into a klutz like the word on one of my bean-balls that I've had sitting on my desk for quite a while tells me in its silent way, and to read my copy of 'Juggling for the Complete KLUTZ'.
The word 'klutz' translated into English?-)
The thing that I've learnt about things such as "bucket lists" is that anything you put on them you really have to want to do and not just pretend that you want to do.
And over the last few months I've decided that I'm quite happy to be a klutz for the rest of my life in many things such as juggling, rather than waste what time I have left trying to master a skill that I don't really care all that much about trying to master.
As this klutz has many other things in his life to try and master, such as my relatively new teddy bears, my iPad and iPhone:-)
Two objects I've been juggling quite a bit over the last few years without really knowing that much about them or how to use them efficiently.
Not only have I been trying to de-klutzer, but I have also been trying to de-clutter my home, so I was surprised to read a story about two jugglers in my local paper who are using juggling in a stage show for kids called 'Chores' which is about teaching kids in a fun way to tidy their bedrooms through juggling and making a bigger mess of their room/stage:-)
The irony being that I had only just thrown my juggling book and bean-balls into a box for the book-exchange, along with another juggling kit I bought on a trip to Aldi a few years back and have never opened, before thinking to myself how creative can you be with a juggling act anyway?-)
And then reading about the two jugglers and their show 'Chores' and being rather impressed with their creativity in coming up with a show like that:-)
Something else on my "to-do" list to read:-)
I have read the juggling book now from cover to cover, but I haven't applied myself to the exercises throughout the book, and I doubt I ever will, so the book and the bean balls are off to the book-exchange for some other klutz out there to master the art ... or just clutter their home with a book and 3 bean-balls:-)
I chose 'Juggling for the Complete KLUTZ' from an online store catalogue when I used to make t-shirt designs for the store to sell and was paid in goods instead of cash for my sales commissions years and years ago.
I still enjoyed reading the book (even though I didn't read it until this year) for the story of how the KLUTZ empire started and grew.
Plus reading the book made me look at other skills I have never quite mastered in my life such as fishing ... and just what a great tosser I am:-)
In Australian slang tosser means a wanker:-)
But I think I can live with being a klutz in some areas of my life ... not to mention a de-cluttered home.
From the same newspaper the jugglers were in:-)
And the KLUTZ company does have some great home decorating ideas for when I have to sell my home and buy a caravan in my soon to be 'Nomadland' days, while I scrape out a living going from one casual Amazon slave paid job to another with the kind of work skills I have learned over the years of slave labour in big blue box furniture stores:-)
You just can't teach an old Hippie like me new tricks I guess:-) 
I think juggling with Eyes Wide Shut could come in handy though down at the club in these mask wearing times we are living in;-)
Danger for Earth as Moon ‘wobbles’?
One thing I learnt while trying to juggle over the last few weeks is why waste time doing stuff I don't really want to do anyway just to try and impress other people, when I could be doing or learning something I do enjoy doing, or that is worth my while ... like reading more books?-)  
Off to the book exchange, too:-)
Contains 1 Chinese plate?-)
I've always wanted to learn plate spinning, as well ... but I already have enough on my metaphorical plate right now:-)
Although, I must admit that reading 
'Juggling for the Complete KLUTZ' was worth my while, even if I didn't teach myself how to juggle 3 bean-balls or oranges.
I did discover a good podcast show, or two, while searching for podcasts featuring juggling. 
I could have been learning French with all the time I spent trying to learn to juggle, though.
Sometimes one Egg Is Un Oeuf
But I don't know if I really want to learn French anymore than I want to learn juggling, to be honest.
My smallest bookcase
My desktop
My bedside table
The other-side of my desktop
Plus I have a lot of books laying around my home that I want to read before I die ... not to mention podcasts to listen to:-)

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