" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 13, 2021

A Koncrete Podacast About The Mansons Goes Up on Margot Robbie's Birthday (AKA World UFO Day?)?

Charles Manson/Tom O'Neill
I listened to Mike Clelland getting interviewed at the 'Koncrete' podcast the other day about owls, UFOs and synchronicity, and while I'm not really into owls and UFOs, I am a big fan of meaningful coincidence (AKA synchronicity) and have been following Mike down some synch-holes over the years at his blog 'Hidden Experience'.
Although, Mike makes me laugh when I hear him say that it's mainly UFO exeriencers who have a lot of synchronicity in their lives.
Keep those eyes wide shut like an owl there Mike and tell yourself what you like I guess, but I know better "sync-heads" than you who have had way more synchs than so-called "abductees/experiencers".
But "the truth is out there" I guess?-)
The Mysterious Connection
 Owls & UFO Contact?
And while I have already written a synchromstical post about one Aussie actor who was born exactly 30 years after Hulk Hogan on August 11th and is to play Hogan in an upcoming Netflix biopic -
It was the 'Koncrete' podcast episode that was uploaded on 
Margot Robbie's birthday of July 2nd, 2021 (well at least in my part of the planet [Australia] where Margot was born, because we are a day ahead of the USA over here and the internet time is adjusted to Aussie time over here apparently) about Charles Manson
Marilyn Manson that WTF#cked me in a synchromystical sense.
Dead Ringers?!
From 'Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood':-)
You'll have to watch Marilyn's You Tube with a dead-ringer to Margot Robbie (or vice-versa) in 'Tainted Love' (a song my ex-wife loved and I hated) on You Tube where it is apparently OK to watch, as opposed to on my blog. 
And I only just found out while researching this post that 'Soft Cell' weren't the original singers of this song, and that Gloria Jones sung it in the year I was born (1964).
That makes my life an even bigger joke:-(
I hate that song even more now ... if that is at all possible?
Tainted Love/Groovy Kind of Love ... all in the Stars?
Is Marilyn obsessed by Charlie because Manson (Marilyn that is) was born the year that Sharon Tate was murdered by that sick f#ck's followers (Charlie that is)?
Uploaded July 2nd, 2021?-) 
Uploaded July 2nd, 2021?-) 
And to top it all hilariously off Manson (Charlie that is) died on my old wedding anniversary of November 19th ... which just happened to be Mitzvah Day that year:-
Once Upon a Time ... in 5 Degrees of Chanel and Charles Manson?
And ironically with Margot playing Sharon Tate in QT's hit movie while wearing Sharon's jewelry lent to her by Sharon's mother, guess what surname the Gold Coast (where Margot grew up in Australia) mayor has?
And now the actor who played Tex Watson in QT's Manson movie is playing Elvis in Baz's new movie, which is filming on the Gold Coast.
Now you get out your calculator and do your own math.
And I'll ask you what are the odds of all of those coincidences? 
And I could keep going down this rabbit hole, but if you don't see the connections this far down the rabbit hole, then there is no point in me taking you any further, is there?
The End?

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