" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 12, 2021

Hulk Hogan Hired Them When Milely's Wrecking Ball Was Popular?!

You ever heard that old
clichΓ© about everything being connected?
Probably not, right?-)
Now after you have watched that Koncrete video above, read on.
I wrote a post yesterday about listening to the
Owl Guy Mike Clelland being interviewed on the 'Koncrete' podcast -
The Mysterious Connection between 
& UFO Contact?
I had not heard of the 'Koncrete' podcast before, so after listening to Mike go through the same old spiel once more I took a look at what other interviews and You Tubes were up at the Koncrete sites.  
The episode before Mike's about the Manson/s I found synchy in so many ways (that post is coming soon), but the Koncrete You Tube about Hulk Hogan really brought a smile to my dial, as far as synchronicity goes:-)
Koncrete Podcast: Hulk Hogan Hired Us
Miley Cyrus was married to Liam Hemsworth and I think even sung that Wrecking Ball song about Liam.
Liam is the younger brother of Chris Hemsworth.
Chris Hemsworth is exactly 30 years younger than Hulk Hogan, as they both share the same birth-date of August 11, and Hemswoth is slated to play Hogan in an upcoming Netflix biopic:-)
I wrote this WTF post on August 11, 2020 -
And to top off all of the synchromystic weirdness, I noticed that the 'Hulk Hogan Hired Us' You Tube had 136 likes until I added a like to make it 137 likes:-)
And Rogan rhymes with Hogan, too:-) 
Don't you just love synchromysticism?-)
August 11, 11:11 and Rainbow People?
And 11+11 = 22, right Mike?-)
I'm Sure That There's a Message Here Somewhere: Black Eyed Children/David WEATHERly/SKYMAN/Carl MerryWEATHER/Michael?
Life and art, as they say:-)

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