" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 16, 2021

"Nothing would be pleasanter than to read in a well-written book of an open-air ball that took place a century ago"?

CRome Yellow by Aldous Huxley
Origin: French Meaning: Devotee Of Dionysos
Being the bad boy of Mt. Olympus, he was perhaps the most colourful of the Olympian Gods
"Beautiful," Denis agreed. "But what about the desirable human
contacts, like love and friendship?"

The black silhouette against the darkness shook its head. "The
pleasures even of these contacts are much exaggerated," said the
polite level voice. "It seems to me doubtful whether they are
equal to the pleasures of private reading and contemplation.
Human contacts have been so highly valued in the past only
because reading was not a common accomplishment and because books
were scarce and difficult to reproduce. The world, you must
remember, is only just becoming literate. As reading becomes
more and more habitual and widespread, an ever-increasing number
of people will discover that books will give them all the
pleasures of social life and none of its intolerable tedium. At
present people in search of pleasure naturally tend to congregate
in large herds and to make a noise; in future their natural
tendency will be to seek solitude and quiet. The proper study of
mankind is books."

"I sometimes think that it may be," said Denis; he was wondering
if Anne and Gombauld were still dancing together.

"Instead of which," said Mr. Wimbush, with a sigh, "I must go and
see if all is well on the dancing-floor.
Chapter 28 of Crome Yellow
I can't help thinking that there is a more occult (as in hidden) story written here the more I listen and read through the book published 100 years ago this year.
And is this reviewer below just taking the piss out of it?-)
Mere Mortals Book Reviews Podcast
Skeptiko, the Caesars and Huxley ... and Who Really Knows Anything These Days?
And it seems even more ironic reading this book in 2021 in an unfolding pandemic.
Not to mention quite synCHROMystic?-)
The two young woman in the story being named Anne and Mary?-)
2. according to Christian tradition, the mother of the Virgin Mary: her day is July 26
Born on July 26th?-)
Chrome yellow is a pigment in paints using monoclinic lead(II) chromate (PbCrO4)
The cult of Dionysos became a significant part of the Greek religion in Athens from the 6th century BCE and the Dionysia festival of Athens and other cities would later evolve into the Bacchanalia of Rome.
Crow Mellow by Julian Davies, Phil Day (Illustrator)
From a September 14th, 2021 Queensland newspaper?
700 Years Since Dante's Passing ... into Where?
Norm makes a cameo as himself in this 2009 film
Life Can Be Funny ... Sometimes?

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