" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 5, 2022

Using Moon Block Divination for a Laugh?πŸŒ•πŸŒ›πŸŒœπŸŒ‘

I had never heard of moon block divination until I read about the practice in Benebell Wen's book 'The Tao of Craft'.
Dragonflies, FU Sigils, Superhero Costumes and Fighting Evil?🦸🧚
I like reading and learning about different cultures beliefs and/or superstitions, as it reminds me how similar all humans are when it comes to asking the universe for an answer to their plans and wishes, like when people flip a coin to ask "God" a yes/no answer to a question and when they don't get the answer they want they make it the best out of 3 tosses:-)
Or when people use a "Magic 8 Ball" to divine an answer from the heavens:-)
The Radio8Ball Website Campaign
"Moon blocks are wooden divination tools originating from China, which are used in pairs and thrown to seek divine guidance in the form of a yes or no question.
There are four possible answers that the moon blocks can produce:
ShΓ¨ngjiǎo (θ–η­Š, divine answer): One block flat and another block round is a 'yes' answer.
NΓΉjiǎo (ζ€’η­Š, angry answer) also kΕ«jiao (ε“­η­Š, crying answer) or mΓ©ijiǎo (ζ²’η­Š, no answer): Both blocks round is a 'no' answer. It is said that the gods are displeased or show disagreement with the question, and this is shown in the way the blocks directly fall flat on the floor.
XiΓ ojiǎo (η¬‘η­Š, laughing answer:-): Both blocks flat have several interpretations; in any case it is said the gods are laughing at the question depending on what has been asked. It can be interpreted as an emphasized 'no' answer, the question that was asked was unclear, or that the answer to the question is obvious. One characteristic of this answer is when the blocks sway back and forth when dropped, a symbolic show of laughter.
LΓ¬jiǎo (η«‹η­Š, standing answer): One or both blocks falling but standing erect on the floor (so that the block is standing up on the two pointed ends) indicates that the deities do not understand the referent's question, therefore the question is nullified and the procedure must be repeated.
When used alone without the fortune sticks, the blocks are thrown three times in order to maintain accuracy of the deity's answer, a successful answer usually being three consecutive throws showing shèngjiǎo, or best two out of three throws.
When our backs are to the wall we all look for answers from the Divin[e]yls:-)
I might have to throw the moon blocks to ask the universe if they really do work or not?
But I think I already know what answer they will give me:-)
'The Tao of Craft' 
I liked the idea of 4 animals representing the 4 compass directions of the Earth so much in 
Benebell Wen's book, even if only for a fun memory exercise to know which way I'm facing in my home without using a compass, that I bought some animal figures from a cheap discount store and set them up in their directions of my home, but a didn't worry about the colours the animals were meant to be. 
A turtle for the north part of my home and near the water:-)
A tiger for the west side of my home:-)
A dragon for my east wall of my home
An ibis print for a phoenix in the south?
And since I didn't hind a phoenix figure for my south side of the home, I made do by hanging my ibis print on the south wall, as well as already having a photo of Rae Dawn Chong on the south side of my home and remembering how Jake Kotze associated her movie career with the phoenix in one of his old sync films -
Synchronize: Episode 01: Another Dawn

Rae Dawn Chong - Phoenix Dawn

That will give me some direction in my life now maybe?-)

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