" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 18, 2019


Exactly one mo(o)nth ago I bought a book called 'Wiccapedia' from the shop I saw Gordon White from 'Rune Soup' do his talk about the Devil -
Having a Devil of a Time on the 13th with Gordon?
I'm not really into Wicca, and certainly not into the devil or Satan, but I can relate to Wiccans more than Satanists or people who are into the devil.
Personally I don't believe in such an entity as Satan, or a place like the Biblical hell, even though I'm sure there are bound to be hellish realms of consciousness, although nothing permanent like an everlasting hell such as Christians tend to wet their pants over.
I mean 25 years in a marriage chained to a selfish heartless women can be hell on earth if you know what I mean?-)
Just a quick shout out to my ex-wife there:-)     
I hadn't intended buying the 'Wiccapedia' book on the day I ducked into the magick shop after seeing the movie 'At Eternity's Gate', while on my way to another bookshop up the road to see author Graeme Simsion give a talk about his new book.
Graeme Simsion at the 'Avid Reader' bookstore Feb 18th, 2019
I had ducked into the magick shop to buy a toad coin purse for my car to keep my gold coins in, because the coin purse in my car where I throw all my loose coins into was almost impossible to sort out my gold from silver coins when I needed to find a few gold coins quickly.
The Story of Cane Toads
Toads are a huge environmental pest in my home Australian state of Queensland (as are Queenslanders;-) and often there is talk in the press about putting a bounty on the toad's heads to encourage children (and adults) to kill toads for change ironically.
Toad vs toad: outwitting the cane toad with ingenious biology
We even have problems with toadfish in Queensland:-)
My toad coin purse for my car
Is this what Alex Jones was going on about in his "Gay Frogs" rant?-)
Eew ... toad kissing toad?-)
While I did eventually buy the toad coin purse, that day I only ended up buying a toad leg key-ring, the 'Wiccapedia' book and a $13 ceramic black cat.
As I didn't have enough money/change on me to purchase both the 'Wiccapedia' and the toad purse on the day.
My toad leg key-ring
I thought if you are going to kill these animals at least make something useful from them.
Although I found out later that these toad products weren't locally made, but came from the USA.
Well, toads and coins are meant to be lucky:-)
The Toad Shop
Not everyone is on board with culling cane toads though
From 'Wiccapedia'
My ceramic black cat on my desk
I still haven't read my copy of 'Wiccapedia', but I have had a quick flick through the pages and read a few random pages about animals.
And I had to laugh yesterday (St.Patrick's Day) when I was watching reviews for 'Wiccapedia' to see what others thought about it that the girl in the above video review had a cat named Patrick gate-crash the filming:-)
Gordon White's book surrounded by owls in the bookstore
I'm into crows and magpies and not really owls, but I thought it was amusing to see Gordon White's chaos magic book surrounded by owls in the magick bookstore he had done his talk in, as he has done a podcast interview at his 'Rune Soup' blog with "The Owl Guy" (You Tube below).
But WHO cares, right?-)
Simpsons WIki
My lunar bookends I bought mo(o)nths ago from the Ecclectica bookstore
"The typical pregnancy for hares lasts 42 days, which is slightly longer than that of a rabbit (30-31 days)."
I'm looking forward to reading this book, but I can't ever see myself becoming a Wiccan, as I believe all of life is magic ... and no religion has the monopoly when it comes to life ... even though a lot of "religions" would like to think that they have it.
If I have to have a religion then it would be LIFE.