" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 28, 2020

Football in Times of Covid 19: Do You BeLIEve?

Made in China?-)
My AFL Grand Final Covid 19 sample bag
The sample bag tied to my AFL GF seat
When I went to sit in my seat at the Gabba on Saturday night I found a Chemist Warehouse Covid 19 sample bag tied to my seat containing face masks, GOAT brand hand sanitizer, a football that was made in China (:-)), GOAT brand anti-bacterial wipes, sunscreen, paw-paw ointment, a drink bottle and a flyer telling me to "BELIEVE We're Good to Go".
Sample bags were even tied to seats in the two vacant back rows
There were even bags tied around the the seats in the two last rows of the nose-bleed section that no tickets were sold for, so someone didn't get the memo there by the looks of it.
"BELIEVE" seemed to be the word of the night, which I found amusing, since I was up to about season 5 of the X-Files at the time of the AFL Grand Final and I had just watched one of the more bizarre episodes called '
The Post-Modern Prometheus' which was about an "Elephant Man" like human who was obsessed by Cher and the movie 'Mask' which she had starred in.
A local band called DMA's even sung a cover of Cher's song 'Believe' at the Grand Final.
"The official music video for "Believe", directed by Nigel Dick, features Cher in a nightclub in a double role as a singer on stage while wearing a glowing headdress and as a supernatural being in a cage (with auto-tuned voice) surrounded by many people to whom she is giving advice."

I was going to take one of the spare bags hanging behind me and send it to Gary Ablett Snr, but I just don't think he really believes that the virus is real somehow -
Sympathy For The Devil ... and Gary?
And I thought Agent Fox Mulder believed in some really dodgy shit in those X-Files shows:-)
I don't think Gary would like the Chinese made football anyway, I pumped it up and it wasn't very well made, and like their virus, it wasn't something you would feel good giving to somebody;-)
I thought it was ironic that Cher had done an album of ABBA covers and that Rachel Griffiths from 'Muriel's Wedding' was once dating Eric Stoltz from the Cher movie 'Mask':-)
Rach even shares a December 18th birthday with Steve:-)
No crowds for Melbourne Cup?
Unresolvable Conundrums: Ride Like a Girl Flogging a Dead Horse?
I also received an e-mail this week from
Palace Cinemas telling me that a 40 year anniversary screening of 'The Elephant Man' will be taking place next month:-)

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