" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 28, 2021

My Photo of an Orb ... Spider?

Yesterday morning when taking pictures of fungi on the tree stumps in my backyard, which I wrote about in this post -
Did All Mushrooms Come from Out of Space?
I almost ran face first into an orb-weaving spider.
They kind of look like a face-hugger from the 'Alien' movies when you see them hanging in their web centimetres from your face, like in the photo above.
I didn't know much about these spiders, so after my close encounter I looked them up on the web, pardon the pun:-)
They are the most common group of builders of spiral wheel-shaped webs often found in gardens, fields and forest.
"Orb" can in English mean "circular", hence the English name of the group.
The building of a web is an engineering feat, begun when the spider floats a line on the wind to another surface. 
My spider floats a line to my clothesline:-)
The spider secures the line and then drops another line from the center, making a "Y".
The rest of the scaffolding follows with many radii of non-sticky silk being constructed before a final spiral of sticky capture silk.
Oddly enough, this spider built its web right over the spot I had burnt my "hell money" the day before -
I then got curious as to what orb-weaving spiders were meant to symbolize and looked that up on the world wide web, as well -
"Each of us, in the center of our ‘webs’ are the drivers of our own lives and must take self-responsibility for what we weave within our world. 
Each thought, each word, each action creates a golden web like ripple that not only creates the tapestry of our life experience, but also weaves the field of the collective web of life.
The Golden Orb-Weaver teaches us to stay centered no matter what the world may throw in our webs and to look for the ‘golden strands of opportunity’ in times of turbulence.
A spiders body from the side is shaped like the figure ‘8’ (and also a spider has 8 legs) which expresses to us that there is no limitation to our webs, it is our own personal beliefs and mental constructs which create our own self-imposed boundaries.
From the Golden Orb-Weavers feminine essence we can learn from her graceful presence to embrace patience, the power to creatively solve any problem and how to resiliently create golden strands of opportunity in our lives during times of pain, struggle and loss."
Animal Spirit: Golden Orb-Weaver
I guess there could be a message in all that for me somewhere, especially with the number 8 figuring in that "spirit animal" message, as the photo I have of us brothers is on the steps of #8 at the house my Nan died in on my late father's birthday of the 8th of April:-)


  1. I just killed one yesterday due to the daughters insistence that because it was hovering outside her bedroom window, it might just use one of its eight legs to open said window and crawl and attack her. I said it’s not slender man and it’s reading your post, I feel remorse.

  2. Yeah, I broke its web and placed its anchor line on another tree in my garden that day, so I could use my own (clothes)line to hang out my washing.
    I had a few flies hanging on my line that day just to make her jealous :-)
    I don't even know if those spiders are poisonous ... or worse, deadly.
    But I did read somewhere that they devour their own line at night and then rebuild it again by morning, which is why their webs are so clean compared to other spider webs.