" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 18, 2021

Afraid of Angels & NDE‪s‬ ... and Nothing?

Afraid of Nothing
I stumbled across an interesting podcast called 'Afraid of Nothing' hosted by filmmaker Bob Heske and based off his documentary film (which I'm yet to watch) of the same name.
I scrolled down to the beginning of the podcast episodes on Apple Podcasts and one caught my eye, even though I'm not a "religious" person, as the old cliché goes, and the episode was about NDEs and angels and featured Colleen Costello, The Celtic Medium.
Colleen F. Costello
Colleen seems to favour Archangel Michael, but I must say that it's Archangel Gabriel who I tend to resonate with when it comes to angels.
I even bought a meditation CD narrated by Diana Cooper from Findhorn in Scotland years ago, and still listen to it from time to time.
Diana Cooper is like an eccentric old aunt who used to read bedtime stories to you as a child, and seems to believe in all sorts of bonkers things like unicorns and fairies.
And while I've been doing some de-cluttering of my CD collection in recent weeks, I just can't part with my angel Gabriel CD of Diana Cooper's, to my embarrassment.
There is just something about the CD that touches my soul on a deeper level, bypassing my rational mind when I listen to the CD.
Of course having a few glasses of "communion" wine certainly helps to put me in a meditative and receptive state while I listen along:-)

Colleen Costello's 'Painted Like a Picture' video also resonates with me, as when I was a child I would get flashback like images of a "past life" in a country somewhere like Ireland and see white painted stone cottages by the sea like in the video music clip of hers.
I guess we all carry around beliefs that we can't rationally shake off so easily?

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