" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 2, 2021

Wrong Turn: One Hangry Insect?

Why do some butterflies and moths have eyespots?
My $5 Greek beer and Vegetarian Yiros & chips
How do "Quick Response" codes work?
The QR code to get into the cinema
Sunday night I went to the cinema with my two adult sons to see the new 'Wrong Turn' movie starring Matthew Modine (AKA Private Joker from 'Full Metal Jacket').
Duck, it's a Surfing Bird?
'Wrong Turn' wasn't my choice of movie to see, but hey what ya gonna do when you are out voted two to one when voting on which movie all three of us should see?-) 
I was just along for the ride anyway (literally, as my youngest son drove us in to meet my eldest son in Brisbane city) to have dinner and catch a movie with my boys.
'Wrong Turn' wasn't what I was expecting as far as a slasher movie went though.
The plot was bizarre to say the least, where an Antifa like group of hikers stay in a red-neck like town and end up in a battle with right-wing "Deliverance" like Vikings, who live up off the trail and don't seem to get on with the red-neck town folk either.
And the film ends while the credits roll to a very bloody violent ending as the Woodie Guthrie song 'This Land is Your Land' plays.
I don't recall seeing any Native Americans depicted in this movie, so just whose land it was meant to be in this movie is ambiguous and confusing.
Released in the USA on January 26th (Australia Day)
I noticed that 'Wrong Turn' was released on January 26th (Australia Day) in the USA, but comes out on February 4th (we went to a preview screening Sunday) in Australia:-)
How Improbable is it That Burt Reynolds Would Pass Away on September 6th After Starring in an X-Files Episode That Was Heavily Based on the Numbers 6 and 9?
It's just good to get out of the home ... sometimes:-)
Apart from all the QRing you have to do these days to eat somewhere, or be able to get into the movies.
Is that a QR code?-)
Maybe I've seen too many Kubrick movies, but I don't trust modern technology with my information ... or humans with it either, for that matter. 
But what choice do you really have these days when you are just one more ape carrying a mini-monolith that tracks your every move and message?
The Synchronicity of Chasing Butterflies?
Owl butterflies?
An Owl eyes butterfly/Moth on the Yiros Shop sign:-)
But the real weird part of Sunday night for me was when an owl eyed moth/butterfly flew past me when we were eating dinner outside 'The Yiros Shop' across from the cinema and landed on the blue neon 'Hangry' sign just after I had taken this picture below while we were waiting for our food to arrive at our outdoor table.
It flew past us and went through the open front door of the shop and landed on the R part of the "hangry" sign.
I have never before seen one of the insects in the wild that have the owl eye markings on their wings.
But every time I tried to get a photo of the eye markings with my phone the insect would close its wings just as I snapped the shot.
I tried one last time to get a shot of the eye markings as we left the Yiros Shop to go see the movie, but the insect closed its wings once more, leaving me without a shot of the owl eye markings.
Oh well, at least I have my two sons as witnesses that this insect had the weird owl eyes on its wings.
I might have left for the cinema angry for not getting the shot I was after, but I was no longer hungry:-)  
Owls and insects with owl eye markings like to play elusive games with me it seems -
The Lord of the Rings and the Mind's Eye?


  1. G’day mate, let me know if this works. I haven’t been able to post or perhaps I’ve been blocked. Footy seasons about to start and the hawks (related to the owl ?) are at the crossroads with Scully’s retirement (don’t believe the rumours he’s a cleanskin) ... vegetarian yiros?

  2. What rumours?
    That he has a bad ankle?-)
    As for the Vego yiros, I'm not a Vegetarian, as I still eat seafood, even though I did give up eating dairy and other meats a few years back for health reasons.
    It's not like I'll avoid dairy like the plague though, as I won't knock back a piece of birthday cake at someone's party or a bit of Chrissy cake at Christmastime, and won't fly into a rage if some cafe worker butters my bread roll accidentally.
    I just try my best to avoid dairy products on a regular basis, which I have been rather good at so far.
    I must say that I'm looking forward to going to the Gabba in March for the Lions first home game against the Swanees, touch wood ... and then sanitize/wash my hands, while singing 'Happy Birthday' twice:-)

  3. Sorry mate I’m tipping this might prove prescient when you head to the Gabba

    Dairy I agree with, seafood yiros is a secret delight for sure. Anyway good to touch base, as for Scully the rumours - and I’ll be as PG as I can - involved rails and railing with Pattons sister. Anyway Daz if you head to my home ground, SCG, gives us a yell.

  4. It's pretty hard getting over the Queensland border lately without them closing it and locking me out, but I'm hoping to get down to Sydney a some point this year to catch a Sharkies' game at their temporary home ground at least.
    Who knows how this year will pan out the way things are going?
    Might be a second Gabba Grand Final on the cards yet maybe?-)

  5. You might be right about another Gabba GF... if your Sharkies are playing my Tigers you might see me there ...

  6. When I was down in Melbourne in 2016 (what a great year that was for Rugby League;-) just after coming back from Tassie, I went to watch the Tigers play the Storm at Aimi Park (or whatever it's called then/now), and I was cheering for the Tiges, but unfortunately the Storm just held on that day.
    I was sitting behind the goalposts wearing a Sharks hoodie, and at one point when Smith was kicking for a two pointer after a try, I said to the Storm supporter next to me that I think Smith is aiming for me.
    He got the two points and missed my head by about two seats to the left of me:-)
    But I had the last laugh that year:-)
    There's a 2016 post on the blog somewhere featuring photos of that game from my viewpoint on the day.