" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 27, 2021

The Mysterious Universe of Geocaching and Venturing into the Woods?

The Mysterious Universe Podcast 25.08  – Trey Hudson
This is the second podcast episode this week where I've heard of the subject of geocaching mentioned in a paranormal podcast.
The other podcast was with medium Therese "Chips" Relucio the former medium from New York ... only the "gift" stays with her where ever she goes.
She's also the sister of guest host's girl friend -- actor Cuyle Carvin -
I'm not into geocaching, but if I go for a walk somewhere with my youngest son he'll head off the beaten path to go find a hidden trinket with his cell phone.
I have an owl trinket hanging to the left of my computer screen from a geocache I saw my son pull out of an Eclipse tin on the banks of the Brisbane River years ago and I also have a calling card to an observatory which I'm still considering a visit to one night with my son.
Another thing for my "kick the bucket list":-)
Skywhales and Owls?
Somewhere on Euphomet via a Search for the Owl Guy and Some Real Owls?
But geocaching doesn't creep me out as much as hearing about those Randonauting adventures people like to go on -


  1. Haven’t heard of geocaching will have to embark on a deep dive on the subject. Do you know of any ‘skinwalker ranches’ in Australia? No doubt our indigenous brothers and sisters would have their own lore on the subject but I have no other information other than what I’ve heard anecdotally.

  2. My son drives me crazy when he goes off on a Geocaching tangent while we are out walking somewhere.
    That owl bush-walk at Mt.Coot-tha we went on turned into a walk on pitch black tracks at night in the end, because he wanted to find Geocache along the way, although some he couldn't find.
    I read that Skin-walker book when it first came out and I reckon it's most Bigelow BS.
    I'm not into Bigfoot, Nessie and all of that crap anyway.

  3. When I lived in the Blue Mountains there was always talk of panthers and such. Never had the temerity to find out, though I did get a lost a few times around Blackheath (canyon walk) and I swear I saw some interesting felines and the occasional dope plants. Though I did hit a six on the same ground as Don Bradman’s famous hit for 6 - apparently it travelled 100 metres according to local legend - at Blackheath Oval. Though mine just plonked over the boundary.

  4. Of course there would be talk of Panthers around the Blue Mountains area, especially after that Storm that blew through the club in last year's NRL GF :-)
    The Storm are my second most hated NRL club after the Broncos BTW.