" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 21, 2021

Holey Moley it's a Mini-golfin' Small World it Seems?

Sonia Kruger as host on Holey-Moley
Sonia's older sister Debbie 
"She was kind of the cool kid at school ..."
I've been reading Allison Du Bois' book 'Into the Dark' and I was reading a section of the chapter 'Dark Endings' where Allison brings up the subject of suicide and the tragic case of Charlotte Dawson, who Allison was friends with.
Selfie, Selfie on the Net, Who's the Fairest of Us Yet?
I've written a post recently about Allison's views on suicide and "chemical imbalances" not quite gelling with my own views on suicide in this recent post -
As tragic as all that is, Allison wrote in her book of meeting Charlotte on a morning Australian TV show hosted by
David Campbell and Sonia Kruger.
David Campbell is the son of Jimmy Barnes, who I've written a post or two about before on this blog -
Sometimes Life Feels Like Nothing But a Sinking S#it Pit
"We're all here to learn, some people are better students than others, but we all desire to be more than we started out as." Allison DuBois from 'Into the Dark'
I dropped out of high school in grade 11 by the way ... I hated school:-)
Me, Debbie and Brentyn in grade 3
It never even clicked with me until 2019 when I heard an old schoolmate had died of a heart-attack and I was looking though some school photos, that Debbie Kruger was Sonia Kruger's older sister -
It's a funny old game isn't it?-)
Even Joe Dolce made an appearance on the opening show of 
'Holey Moley' singing his hit song 'Shaddap Your Face':-)
Lotto numbers 36, 4, 24?!
I noticed that Joe Dolce was born on 10/13, just like Chris Carter and Fox Mulder was:-)
And Charlotte Dawson was born on April 8th I see, which is also Patricia Arquette's birthday, as well as my late father's, and the date my Nan died on, too.
I'm starting to think that I watch too much TV:-)
Shrimp? Plate of shrimp?-)
And watch too many movies, read too many books, and listen to too many podcasts:-)
The Elephant/Monkee/Beatle in the Room: The Music is the Medium?
Greg Norman and his duck on 'Holey Moley':-)
Surfin' duck?!
Duck, it's a Surfing Bird?
The Windmills of My Mind
Is that a "BE THE BALL" sign?-)
Are Mediums Modern Day Shamans Bringing Mental/Spiritual Healing to the Living from the Heavens?
It's amazing where my thoughts will wonder to while drinking a bottle of sparkling wine and watching a show about mini-golf in my living room in the dark:-)
And what's with the chessboard markings on a golf course?
An Amazon Prime ad on Channel 7's 'Holey Moley'?!
Sonia Kruger on an ad for 'Big Brother' on 'Holey Moley'
Look's like Sonia is leaving 'Holey Moley' to host the new series of 'Big Brother' in times of Covid 19?!
That has to be a big hit for captive audiences you'd think:-)
And while I didn't realize it when I started writing up this post, tomorrow will mark the 7th year since Charlotte Dawson took her own life.
Time flies, as they say?
Getting hit by lightning makes you a shaman?-)
Allison DuBois writes in her books that one of her favourite ways to relax and unwind is to play golf:-)

UPDATE: February 24th, 2021
Holey moley?!
Exploring Unexplained Phenomena from Beyond the 18th Hole?

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