" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 27, 2021

Evolve with Pete Evans, Graham Hancoc‪k‬?

I can't believe that I would be promoting a
Pete Evans podcast show on this blog, but I was laying in bed last night and I grabbed my iPad and searched Apple podcasts for any recent podcasts that Graham Hancock had been on in the last year or two.
There wasn't many, but top of the list was an episode of Pete Evans' 'Evolve' podcast which Graham was on.
Evolve with Pete Evan‪s Podcast: Graham Hancoc‪k
Now, Pete is a fervent anti-vaxer and I am a pro-vaxer (but I'm not one to push it down people's throats), so on that point we are chalk and cheese.
But I am a big Graham Hancock fan, so we are on the same page there I guess, and the 'Evolve' podcast with Graham was a cracker.
Evans Almighty?
I think I need a glass of wine now:-)
Pete even had a podcast episode with my mate Guy Lawrence, which surprised me.
Evolve with Pete Evans Podcast: Guy Lawrence : Heart Connection
Unfortunately there was only 28 mins of that podcast with Guy for free and I ain't paying to hear the rest, sorry Pete.
Human/Animal Communication and Listening to My Own PiGS? (Part 2)
That reminds me that I still have Graham Hancock's fictional book 'War God' to finish reading.
500 Year Cycles?
Graham Hancock's Brisbane Talk (2014)
I couldn't help thinking that Graham Hancock in that 'Evolve' podcast of Pete Evans' seems to hold the same pessimism as 'Neuromancer' author William Gibson expresses in one of the more recent podcasts I heard him on in this recent post I wrote after finally reading his book -
We're All Just Skeletons Trapped in Meat Prisons?
I also stumbled across a promising new podcast called
'UnchartedX' podcast with an episode featuring Graham Hancock, which also has a You Tube channel, so it might be best to view these podcasts rather than listen over at Apple Podcasts.
And with Graham talking about the Sphinx originally being a lion facing east to greet the rising sun, I thought it was ironic that my AFL hometown team the Brisbane Lions beat the Gold Coast Suns convincingly this afternoon:-)


  1. That Hancock books a good fun read. Though one doesn’t have to agree with Evans to appreciate the fact he at least pushes the boundaries and in a world frightened of alternative discourse it’s a welcome change.

    Don’t think Daniher will last the distance but nonetheless is a good trade for your Lions mob. I’m inclined to think it’s a Cats Doggies GF with Trealor taking out the Brownlow...

  2. As long as Richmond don't get a Three-peat this year I'll be happy.
    I heard on the grape vine that Dusty wants to become a Swan.
    Well, if your 2021 GF predictions work out and I get some tickets to the GF I'll be able to wear my Cats scarf which I bought at the 2020 GF :-)

  3. That’s right I remember you posted that. Might be your 2nd teams year. Might even be a Cats v Lions GF, I’ll follow the syncs for the year. I remember when that Netflix show ‘tiger king’ became a hit, I knew we’d go back to back. Then with the ‘US election fraud of 2020’ I thought Buchaneers for sure. I was on the money for both. Though that didn’t translate for ‘League footy’. Is Sync-Scrying a thing?

  4. I thought you were a Swans supporter, not Tigers?