" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 26, 2021

Less Is Now?

Page 112 of Allison DuBois' book 'Talk to Me'
Minimalising Mental-clutter?
My old fridge magnet heading for a new home
I've been doing a life de-clutter lately (mainly my books and reading materials) and I saw the Minimalists guys had a new film out on Netflix called 'The Minimalists: Less Is Now', so I watched it.
I couldn't help thinking of Janus when I saw that it aired on Netflix in the US on January 1st:-)
Better the Old Gods That You KNOW, Than the Ones That You Don't ... Right CHRIS[t] KNOWleS?
You guys had me until you mentioned that 4 letter word:-)
Why did The Minimalists and Matt D'Avella choose Netflix for LESS IS NOW‪?‬
I actually enjoyed this film, because I realized that these guys aren't so much "minimalists" as storytellers, much like Allison DuBois is not just a "medium" but also a storyteller who like the minimalists like to share all their own life's journeys with their audience.
I thought it is was funny that I was reading Allison DuBois' book 'Talk to Me' at the time I paused reading the book to watch the Netflix show, and that I was reading page 112 at the time, where Allison was writing about getting rid of emotional baggage and de-stressing.
Her example was her taking up golf to unwind and relax -
Holey Moley it's a Mini-golfin' Small World it Seems?
Every Story is Part Myth No Matter How True People Want You to BeLIEve it is?
The Minimalists Podcast: The Unfollowin‪g 
Another funny thing is that I resubscribed to 'The Minimalists' podcast just after watching that Netflix movie, as I used to listen to the podcast regularly about a year ago, but got tied of it and unsubscribed.
Now I see the lasted podcast is about unfollowing and unsubscribing from things that you no longer find value in:-)  
And while I did find value in reading the Allison DuBois books I had on my shelf for a few years, it's time to kiss them goodbye and give them away:-)

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