" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 5, 2021

Are Mediums Modern Day Shamans Bringing Mental/Spiritual Healing to the Living from the Heavens?

The Unexplained Podcast: What is Shamanism?
Getting hit by lightning makes you a shaman?-)
I like reading about mediums like
Allison DuBois and the comfort they bring the living through their work by giving the 
living grieved messages from the deceased which seem to lift their spirits.
Whether Allison can actually do that for real may be up for debate, but either way, she still brings healing it seems to the bereaved ... and I must say I tend to believe she is the real deal more than I don't believe she is the real deal.
DuBois doesn't feel especially compelled to convince people she's for real
I've read her first 4 books and am about to read her fifth one
'Into the Dark' and I can't help thinking that people like Allison are the equivalent of modern day shamans.
Listening to the latest 'The Unexplained' podcast where "shaman" Ya'Acov Darling Khan tells Howard how he became a shaman after getting struck by lightning on a golf course just made me think of the movie 'Caddyshack' where the Lutheran Bishop gets hit by lightning during the best ever game of his life and later in the movie can be seen drinking at a bar proclaiming that there is no God:-)
I have not heard of the "shaman" Ya'Acov Darling Khan before, but I did enjoy his talk about life with Howard on the podcast, even though I'm am skeptical of anyone who refers to themselves as a shaman, whether it is a title "bestowed" on you by others or not.
My Royal Pines golf marker with some minimum chips:-)
I laughed when I read in 'Talk to Me' about how Allison tries to unwind by going up to the mountains to a place called Pinetop, and also by swimming and playing golf (watch out for those storms Allison;-), as I recently gave away to my brother an old golf marker I bought years ago from 'The Royal Pines Golf  Course' at the
Gold Coast where I once ran into Australian swimming champion Dawn Fraser who was down there at a woman's golf tournament -
Golden Dawn Fraser?!
The Royal Pines golf marker
Knowing: A Journey Beyond The Veil?
Laughter is the best medicine:-)
While I've walked around the course a few times watching professional golfers show me how to play the game, I've never played golf myself, apart from my kids always beating me on the mini-golf circuit when they and I were younger.
GOLF! What is it good FORE?!
I'm not into swimming for fun either, having nearly drowned in the sea as a teenager when caught in a rip.
And I can never relax in the sea when thoughts of sharks swim around in my mind.
While I don't fear dying, there are certain ways of dying I don't really want to have to go through to get to the other side:-)
Brisbane, QLD – originally 26 June 2020, now postponed until it is safe
I looked up to see if Allison had any Australian tours planned in the near future and was surprised that she had planned one for last year, which was postponed because of the pandemic.
Ironic words from 'Talk to Me' ten years on from its release:-)
And that convention centre she planned do hold her get together in was a stone's throw from the cinema and the restaurant I was at last Sunday - 
Wrong Turn: One Hangry Insect?
Might be a message there for me, not that I'd want a personal reading for myself, but I wouldn't mind seeing Allison do her healing for others who need it.
The last shows I remember going to at that venue were a
Missy Higgins concert and a UFO/Ancient Aliens Con -
Missy Higgins and Oz (Part 1)
Liverpool fell 7 points behind leaders Manchester City, who have a game in hand?
I see "shaman" Ya'Acov Darling Khan's football club are sitting at the top of the football ladder 7 points clear of Liverpool, so keep banging your drum YaƁcov;-)
Shamanic Journeying
Time to get out my golfing iron and point it at the sky, as I see a storm building on the horizon:-)
Tripping with Lions/Shamanism and Football?

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