" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 5, 2021

20 Years Later, 'Almost Famous' is Still a Golden God, But 'Music' is Tone Deaf?

Music (2021)
Sia says sorry
Coming-of-age story on journalism, sex, rock and roll, parenthood, and the perils of trying to be cool
Kate Hudson stars in Music, which was nominated for two Golden Globes?
Music (2021)
I stumbled across the 'Pop Culture Happy Hour' podcast when doing a search on Apple Podcasts for podcasts featuring
'The Queens Gambit' for my last post -
The Grand Cosmic Chess Board?
And I was listening to a 'Pop Culture Happy Hour' podcast this morning where they were reminiscing about the movie that recently turned 20, 'Almost Famous' starring Kate Hudson, while I was seeing all of the negative press coverage around the new 'Music' movie starring Kate:-)
Almost Famous (2000)
I must admit that I had zero interest in seeing Sia's new 'Music' movie, but now I'm going buy a ticket and see it on the big screen if I can, because I believe an actor should be able to portray any person they want to play, male/female, black/white/Asian ... whatever, Gay/Straight, abled/disabled, and let their acting speak for itself.
Isn't that the whole idea of acting anyway?
Critics and all the bullshit they sling at movies, good or bad, always amuses me:-)
Talk about saucy pop-culture and modern movies?-)
To Be or Not To Be ... Happy? :-)/:-(Cheers:-)

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