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The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 30, 2019

Who Can You Really Believe on the Web?

A 'Dreamland' podcast came up on my iPad yesterday featuring Rob and Trish MacGregor, as I had put the free part of the 'Dreamland' podcast onto my Apple podcast list when I had listened to the Dreamland podcasts I wrote about in these recent posts -
August 11, 11:11 and Rainbow People?
I only find the 'Dreamland' podcast interesting because of the guests Whitley interviews on his show, and I only listen to the free part of the show, because I don't really resonate when it comes to the stuff Whitley says about his "visitors" and the future of our planet.
As I've said before and will say again, Whitley is an enigma to me and I feel that he is not very good at joining the dots to any real puzzle pieces he may have been presented with.
'Fault in Our Stars' and 'The New Mutants' Director Josh Boone Interviews Whitley Strieber About Whitley's New Book 'A New World'?
But the "invisible woman" in the room in
this latest 'Dreamland' podcast with the MacGregors was when Trish was asked about an event that in Trish, Rob and Whitley's minds involved Whitley's late wife Anne.
Trish says to Whitley around the 7 minute mark of the podcast that she thinks Anne died on August 11th and Whitley then says,
"No, August 15th".
I was stunned as
I had written a whole post about the date of August 11th and about celebrities births and deaths on that date, and a large chunk of that post was about finding out that Anne Strieber had died on that date, too.
I was embarrassed that I hadn't done my homework good enough when I wrote that post and thought I had better go back and remove Anne from that post.
"Listen, and you will find moments, almost certainly, that will take you back to your own truth ..."
And now Whitley was confidently telling Trish that Trish was mistaken that Anne had passed on August 11th, as Whitley said it was August 15th.
I wondered how I could have written a whole post and gotten that date so wrong myself?
Wikipedia writes that Anne passed on August 11th, so I thought maybe I had read another wrong Wiki entry and based my post on that misinformation, as surely Whitley's word trumps any Wiki date attributed to his late wife's passing?
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
But the more websites I checked about the passing of Anne, the more I started to doubt Whitley saying Anne had passed away on August 15th.
Anne Strieber's Goodreads page
A Coast to Coast August 12, 2015 article titled 'Death of Anne Strieber'
It soon became apparent to me that Whitley was wrong about the date of Anne's passing and not Trish.
An August 14th article at Whitley's Unknown Country site titled 'Anne Strieber Has Died'
My point with this post is not to bash Whitley for getting the date wrong about Anne's passing, my point is just who can you believe with the facts when you are trying to compile the truth into your own research.
It's lucky I did my own re-search here before taking Whitley's word as gospel and re-editing or deleting the part of my post about Anne passing on August 11th.
But hey, we all make mistakes when it comes to our memories, because at the end of the day we are all only human.
Well, some of us might not be only human ... but who really knows when it comes to the web, right?-)
August 11, 11:11 and Rainbow People?

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