" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 5, 2020

News Stories and Podcasts in 2020: The Year of the RATS/STAR?

Rats on rise as COVID-19 shutdown cuts their food supply
However, it should be noted that COVID-19 is not spread by rats
A t-shirt sold at
The Higherside Chats
‘Really scary’: Stars open up about virus
It's like the "STAR" is using the Corona-virus pandemic to sell a new form of scary entertainment to the fans in the Year of the Rat[s] to me.
Not to say that the pandemic isn't scary, but it's like the fans like to hear creepy stories around the campfire under the STARs while trapped inside their homes:-)
If you, like me, are getting sick of seeing STARs online trying to scare you with how worried they are in this pandemic, why not take your mind off the virus and listen to an old "magician" try to scare the crap out of you with campfire stories of beings who come here from the STARs?
You might want to light[en] up first?-)
THC Podcast: Allen Greenfield and The Secret Cipher Of The UFOnauts, Occult Alien Contact, & Hellier
And don't forget to leave a five STAR review at the THC podcast site if you found that RATShit episode entertaining.
I want my money back and I only listened to the free part of the podcast:-)
I think I'd rather head back to Miley's chat show 'Bright Minded: Live with Miley' and listen to more Covid 19 stories than that THC crap.
It's gonna be a long year as far as 2020 entertainment, news and podcasts goes it seems.
And don't do drugs OK ... especially while hosting a podcast chat show;-)
Now PINK has tested positive?
April sky guide: A 'super pink Moon'?
A super PINK Moon in April?
Just about every year for the last ten years or more (except last year) I have spent Easter under the full moon down in New South Wales at Bluesfest, and I had planned on being down there for Good Friday, but now that's all off and I can't cross the Queensland border to drive to Byron Bay anyway, because of this virus threat.
Who knew ... this would happen in 2020?


  1. Ah, don't be so hard on Greg! It is really hard to keep those old guys on track- Jordan Maxwell is another one. I am giving a thumbs up to Greg in general, and I have to say I am thinking of getting the old guy's book to see if I can make heads or tails of it.
    Stay well fellow locked downer, Delorus

  2. Who you calling old Delorus?
    He'd be a lot younger than me I'd be guessing, unless he is 56 or older.
    Greg's been dropping the baton a lot lately in 2020 with his Corona-virus is fake BS round-table crap and giving the spotlight to a lot of clowns like Greenfield with his UFOs are demons scaremongering, like he is some Bible-thumping Fundie nut-bag.
    I've flicked THC from my Apple podcast list of favourite podcast shows until Greg lifts his game and drops the tabloid journalism BS.
    I can stand one or two shows like that in a season, but his show has just been a string of 'em lately I feel.
    Mind you I only ever hear the free part of the show anyway.
    His show is turning into 'Mysterious Universe' without the laughs:-)
    Consider it "social-distancing" from a show I used to think was good, but is starting to Red-neck it a bit too much lately for my liking.
    Maybe I'm just getting cantankerous in my old age, but the only deep dives THC has been doing lately is into the shitter.
    And as for Jordan Maxwell, I can't comment on his latest stuff, as I haven't read anything by him lately, but I did like his early stuff on astro-theology.
    So unless he has turned into a flat-Earther, holocaust denier or Fundamentalist Christian and spouting that crap, I couldn't imagine Jordan going too far off the deep-end from his earlier work.
    There is only so much astro-theology I can read I feel, which is why I haven't kept up with Jordon Maxwell.
    And I guess he would have to be in that old guy category no matter how PC you try to be there.
    Frankly, I'm surprised he is still alive to be honest.
    Anyway rant over ... for now:-)

  3. All good! I meant Greenfield being old actually, and I just meant that to keep somebody pushing 80 on track in a conversation is difficult. If you have ever tried to help an elder and understand what the problem is and how it happened and so on can be a challenge haha. I do subscribe and I don't feel that he is advocating acting foolishly, and as more actions such as going without a mask are becoming strongly unaccepted socially if not by law yet, we do it and still wonder, as no one I know has gotten ill ( because we are locked down? Because it's a scare to see how we comply?).
    I subscribe to the MU guys too haha just to get news and blather from your side of this earth.
    I feel the talk show people have a limited amount of liminal or archeological or whatever subject is at hand of authors and researchers who speak well and stick to the subject at hand. Herding cats. Also some people beat the same drum- heard them once, it was enlightening, 20 years later no advancement.
    I do like to check out some of the podcasts you put up, so again thank you.
    I am 66 and proudly claim my oldness and think its ridiculous when I am called " young lady" . My hair is completely white haha. Mrs. Claus with a sailor mouth.
    Stay well, so far so good here.

  4. You subscribe to the MU guys just to get news and blather from my side of this earth?
    Good luck with that then Delorus, as those boneheads once told people overseas through their 'forest bathing" show that Australia has hardly any pine trees growing here.
    Take a look at my recent Turtle/Australia Zoo post and have a look at the photo looking out my car window driving along Steve Irwin Way (and for legal purposes I have to say that photo was a dash-cam shot, as using a cell phone while driving is a $1000 fine over here;-) ... notice the odd pine tree in that shot?
    And there are pine forests galore around there, and I should know because my mother's side of the family settled in these parts and her family worked in the forestry planting and cutting pine trees down for commercial wood.
    The MU guys live not that far from Australia Zoo now.
    Back when they made the claim about pine trees they were living in Sydney, but I've been to Sydney many times and it's obvious that there are pine trees down that way too.
    I like the MU guys even though they just seem to run their show for shits and giggles and sponsor's/listener's cash mostly, but don't rely on them for info on Oz Delorus.
    And I know all about keeping an old person on track in a conversation Delorus, as I spent every second day of my father's last year of life visiting him in the old age home when he had dementia.
    My 80 year-old mother lives up the road from me now with my brother and she will just talk right over the top of me if I let her, so I'm pretty good at steering conversations with old people.
    I don't see the purpose of paying for podcasts to be honest, as there are plenty of good free podcasts to listen to out there, and if pod-casters like Greg want to rake in some cash by charging for the second part of the show, good luck to 'em, but I won't be paying.
    Most of these podcasts that use this format put the good stuff in the first half of the show anyway, just to hope you will pay for the second half, which is probably just dribble anyway.
    I did pay the MU guys for a couple of months to see what the second part of the shows were like when I went though the archives, and believe me, the free part is all you really need to listen to I think.
    I soon pulled my MU subscription.
    And as for the Coronavirus, it's real alrighty, whether it's a man-made bio-weapon let loose accidentally or on purpose from the Chinese, or on purpose by the Russians, Americans, Brits (and Australians), Israel, or whoever, it still should be taken very seriously.
    In all likelihood it is a naturally occurring virus from bats, as these things are going to happen in nature, no matter who you think is running the planet.
    And of course not everyone will die from this particular virus.
    The odds of getting severely sick from it are slightly worse than Russian Roulette odds at about 5 to 1.
    So that would be like putting a bullet into a five chamber revolver, if there were such a gun, and spinning the barrel and hoping the odds favoured you living, or at least not going through the hell of gasping for breath for days as if each one was your last, before you got better.
    My mum is a non-smoking lung cancer surviour (so far) living on one good lung, my brother who she lives with is a dietetic type 2 and overweight.
    So the odds would be even less for them if they got this Covid-19 virus, and I think it would be odds-on to kill my mum.
    (Continued in next comment below)

  5. Greg should pull his f#cking head in, until he knows what he is talking about when it comes to this virus, and yeah I've read 'The Shock Doctrine'and I know that there are pricks in high places willing to take advantage of a situation like this.
    But Greg's attitude on his "round table show" just shows you how ignorant he is when it comes to this Covid-19 virus.
    And to be honest Gordon's Harry Potter attitude I found a little disturbing, as well.
    Chris Knowles was the only real voice of reason on that show I thought.
    At least he will tell you he doesn't know what to think about this virus.
    Anyway Delorus I like Greg, but sometimes he gets a little too big for his cowboys boots and needs that soapbox kicked from under him.
    I guess he will find out soon enough how right he was with his opinions on that round table show of his.
    Stay safe Delorus, because oldies like us (I'm eleven years younger than you are) the odds don't favour so good.

  6. I actually think those MU guys mix all kinds of stuff up, I have certainly heard them do it. And I don't mean I get actual news there, more like a feeling of the pleasures and pressures of their lives. I cannot take the actual news anyway these days, as our prez is a comedic antichrist and yet there are many people I know who like him, and we are all at home now except for essential supply runs, which is rather nice oddly. I have no wifi at home, just a 4g phone which is quite adequate. But you tubes or tv etc is slow loading, too slow. I google my news and it is sad, disgusting, and evil. So I don't mind paying the MU goofballs 99$ a year to make me laugh. Everybody's gotta eat.
    I DID make a grocery run today, 20 miles into a big box store in Traverse City, and to replace my phone battery. I had a mask and about 2/3 of the other people did too. The store had about a third of the usual busy crowd. Isopropyl alcohol was sold out. Most foods were available but some canned goods and oils were very low. I got a nice selection of oils ( I make salves) at a local organic store. I was able to go into the battery store by maintaining social distancing. I picked up some food at a restaurant I like that is take out now, and I tipped like they waited on me because they would have in the before time. I saw gas as low as $1.69. I drove along the shore of lake Michigan on M22 and watched the record high water bulging out of it's contemporary basin, looking to eat the road.
    From the time of Reagan this country has slid into a Christian cult right wing redneck persona, ignorant of theology and history, firmly settled into believing they are right and right with God. Often racists, but will deny it and believe their denial. My people on both sides got here about 110 years ago from Sweden and Slovenia. I have never understood this place.
    Anyway, I and most people are staying home and wearing masks if we do go on supply runs. We are safe so far and I hope the same for you and yours.

  7. Sweden hey?
    My mother's side of the family are from Denmark and I get a shipload of requests from Danes who are meant to be 3rd or 4th cousins to my genes, according to the site, but I can't be bothered answering the requests.
    Plus I get a lot from Sweden and the USA, but not too many from Germany where my father's side was from.
    Funny that ... I wonder why;-)
    I like the Swedes, even though I got made redundant after 24 and a half years of full time work, from a certain Swedish worldwide chain store who shall remain nameless.
    The Swedes are a lot like the Aussies in the way they take life (and drink:-), but I can't understand a word they say when they talk among themselves in their own lingo.
    Yeah, I don't mind staying home all that much too, but now I have to take money out of my superannuation fund to stay afloat for the next year.
    Although I'm kind of glad the government is letting us take up to $20,000 out this year, because we aren't allowed to touch it until we turn 65 over here, and I would rather take it out now, than watch it all dry up when the fund goes bust from a financial crisis.
    Make hay while the sun shines I say, hey?-)
    Stay safe Delorus and get your money's worth out of that MU site.

  8. Are Pod-casters the Internet's Version of Street Beggars?


  9. Yes and the whole grandparents from another country experience was interesting. Both sets (2 grandmas, 1 grandpa) spoke reasonable accented English that they learned from their children here. My mom and dad spoke their native tongues, occasionally, but I was spoken to only in English . Secrets above my head were said in foreign languages. I absolutely stink when it comes to learning languages, I think that deep in my core it feels like none of my business. But they were good to me, they were making their own new stand .

  10. May we still get some magic retirement sparkles in our accounts! And if this is where the shit really hits the fan, we won't even have paper money toilet paper ;)