" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 2, 2018

THC: Tobias Churton on Crowley In America: Art, Espionage & Sex Magic

I very nearly bought the above book when I saw it in a glass case at the 'Ecclectica' magick shop when I went to a book-talk at the 'Avid Reader' last week -
Still Following the White Rabbit?
I had heard the author talking about the book a few months ago on a 'Rune Soup' podcast.
Although I ended up buying another book on the tarot instead, plus a wall hanging that now hangs on my wall at the top of my stairs.
 The wall hanging I bought on 'Ecclectica's bookshelf
The 'Ecclectica' wall hanging on my wall
I bought the wall hanging because it matched a wall hanging as far as the eyes go, which hangs on my kitchen wall.
Plus, I like the Persian/magic carpet psychedelic connection when it comes to altered states of consciousness ... not that I have done any psychedelics in my life yet.
The psychedelic pattern on my
Persian rug in my "living room"
This week I heard Tobias Churton talking about his book again on the THC podcast site -
Tobias Churton | Crowley In America: Art, Espionage & Sex Magic
So maybe I'll have to grab a copy on my next visit to the 'Ecclectica' magick shop?
Me wearing my THC 'Dark Hollywood' t-shirt
 that came in the mail last week
And last week I got my trippy 'Dark Hollywood' t-shirt from the THC shop.
GREY (and White?-) MAGIC
I think I'll have to stop NOT doing drugs, m'OK?-)

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  1. Big labowski..legend. Would love to go somewhere for a weekend of mushrooms. Like a retreat but with psychadelics that are good quality..and with tripping guides. Wonder if there is such a place?