" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 3, 2019

Lion King Ooshies?

I must admit that I had never heard of Ooshies before the big roll out promotion over the front, back and inside pages of advertising in my local paper, as well as TV and cinema commercials for Lion King Ooshies.
It looks like the side of a bus collided with
 the front page of the paper:-)
Um ... no thanks, I'm quite happy to stay
Australia with our own animals
I have to admit though that these things do look rather demonic in an evil bug-eyed alien kind of way and remind me of those campfire stories of the black-eyed children that knock on your front door and ask you to let them come in.
If Disney ever make the novel pictured below into a movie franchise, I'm sure that a line of Ooshies will be available at your nearest supermarket checkout or drive-through burger or chicken joint.
Would you like some fries with
minced brains, Johnny?-)
My Lions coffee cup
Anyway, with all that demonic stuff aside, being a member of the Brisbane Lions AFL club I asked my mother to save me a lion Ooshie if she came across one, as I knew she shopped at Woolworths and was saving them for the grand-kids and great grand-kids.
My last visit to the Gabba to see the
Lions v Roos in Brisbane
A two-legged lion?! 
So, she gave me this creature pictured above.
Apart from the black demonic eyes staring back at me, I said to myself WTF is this thing?
Only having seen the dead animated 1994 version of the movie years ago, I had to pull out page two of my local newspaper to see what the hell it was ... OK, pun intended there:-)
Wow, more cute toys to collect?
Turns out it was a gold version of the baboon/shaman character in the movie.
So, I rang mum and told her I'd give her that one back for the grandkids to have and to keep an eye out for a lion with all four legs on the ground.
My Brisbane Lion Ooshie take two?
So, I end up with the bad lion Scar second time round.
Typical parent I thought, Scarring me again for life;-)
Missy Higgins with her Lions SCARf?
Missy Higgins Has a New Oz Album on the Way ... And That's Not All
Missy is a Leo born in
Year of the Pig?!
Transition into Leo ♌️ and the 8-8-2019 Lions Gate Activation ... Sirius-ly?
I wonder if I could swap my Scar with Missy Higgins if she has one of those $5000 furry Simbas to swap by any chance?-)
Missy Higgins and Oz (Part 1)
Woolworths Lion King Ooshies: Man destroys rare collectable on Today Show
Woolies Ooshies: Brisbane mother gets ‘death threats’ over collectables
Is that some kind of apple/snake logo?!
Why do I suddenly feel the urge to collect all of these Ooshies ... NOT!?-)
Original Sin?
Antique Art Nouveau Pendant Silver Enamel Adam Eve Apple
A Brisbane Lions grand final win in 2019 would sure make those scars from the last few seasons fade away fast I'd imagine;-)
I can't stand those one-eyed AFL fans, can you?-)
See ya at the Gabba on Sunday Hemsworth when the Lions make mincemeat of the Dogs.
Would you like some fries with
minced Dogs, Johnny?-)

Looks like the Bulldogs banner makers
have watched '
The Secret':-)
But the secret is that 'The Secret' won't
 work against our magic;-) 
I thought it was amusing that this guy above in the black pants and and blue/black polo shirt at the Bulldogs bench was whistling players on and off the field like they were real dogs.
Maybe the Lions trainers should crack a whip to get our players attention?-)  
Chris Hemsworth was up there somewhere,
just not sure where exactly
It's a good feeling to walk out of a football stadium knowing that you got to see what you like to see, which is what Chris didn't want to see, hey Chris?-)
Better luck next time maybe Chris?
But I hope not.


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