" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 27, 2021

The Promise Seed?

I remember when reading my copy of Cass Moriarty's book 'The Promise Seed' with the silhouettes of an avocado tree, an old man, a young boy and a chicken on the front cover, and receiving a supermarket flyer in the mail with Hass Avocados on the front of it, and thinking the "seed" in the title of the book must be an avocado seed.
I was even given a few Hass Avocados by my little brother that day, as he had bought a few from the shops and he knew that I liked avocados on toast occasionally.
Cass and Liane Moriarty ... No Relation?
An Australian grown Hass Avocado my brother gave me 
I was getting avocado synchronicities thrown at me left, right and centre. 
Even when I started watching the first three episodes of 'Nine Perfect Strangers' in episode 3 there was a scene where there was only one avocado hanging on a tree for the foragers to share.
But no, the "promise seed" in the novel turned out to be a coriander seed.
I couldn't figure out the significance of that particular seed as a symbol or metaphor to the storyline, so I did some digging around ... on the net.
Put into pickles or grind freshly
chicken and seafood
Considering that Cass Moriarty summarizes 'The Promise Seed' mainly being about chickens, gardening and chess (and let's not forget a smattering of some strong domestic violence) I thought that it was rather ironic that coriander is a main ingredient in a lot of tasty looking chicken recipes, such as the ones in the You Tubes below:-)
Even though I never got the connection as to why the "promise seed" was a coriander seed in the story, I did end up learning a lot about coriander and other secret herbs and spices in my quest to find out.
Although, in the You Tube below this guy does mention that coriander is sometimes a code word used by woman to talk about an abusive partner, so maybe that's what the seed is meant to be about in the novel?
My spice collection looks rather bland after learning about all of the other herbs and spices I could be using and why.
And on the subject of "promise seeds" and trees, I saw this story in the news -

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