" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 13, 2021

Unlucky Friday the 13th ... Give Me a Break?

#15 - Life Is A Spell with Caiseal MΓ³r
I'm not one to believe in Friday the 13th being any more unlucky than any other day, but I couldn't help thinking that the Trickster was having a laugh at my belief this morning while I was listening to a podcast show I had stumbled across the other day when I put in an Apple Podcast search for "Wollumbin" (AKA Mount Warning) when I was writing about my belief that I should be able to climb sacred Indigenous peaks like Wollumbin -
#8 - The Tao of Now with Jimi Wollumbin
I really enjoyed the podcast featuring Jimi Wollumbin, then I found an episode featuring Caiseal Mor who I am a fan of and have written about before on this blog -
What is Magic?
As I'm listening to that podcast I was boiling water in my jug to place into my coffee plunger and I ripped the August 12th page from my Chinese calendar on my kitchen wall to see it was
Friday the 13th, at which I had a smirk and thought to myself how people actually believe bad stuff will happen because it just happens to be the 13th on a Friday:-) 
I pored the boiling hot water into my coffee plunger and hear a loud crack while wondering where it had came from.
Then I look down and see coffee starting to spread out over my kitchen bench-top and realize it was the glass in my plunger.
My cracked coffee plunger:-(
I was still half asleep and was looking forward to drinking a plunger full of coffee, and now had to pour it all out in case there were splinters of glass in it.
Hopefully that's the worst thing that will happen to me today?-)
It was probably a curse my old mate(?) Chris Knowles (or his muse EF) put on me for writing this post about him the other day:-) -

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