" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 19, 2021

Using Coincidences to Live without Regret/s?

I've not read Harley's 'No Regrets' books and I have no regrets about not reading them either, to be honest:-)
Because how can you possibly live without regrets unless you are a f#cking psycho?
Although, even psychos probably regret when they get caught:-)
I can't see how ordinary people can live without regrets, though.
It won't matter how many butterflies or birds coincidentally fly your way either, because even if you still take it as a positive sign that your loved ones have lived on, you will still regret that they won't be around for the chats you used to have in the flesh, and won't be having while you still are -
It's Not the Number of Moments That Make Up Life ...?
As humans it is inevitable that you will have regrets as you go through life, the trick is to not dwell on the regrets and count your blessings I find.
It's an easy game to play coulda, woulda, shoulda, but that is just a fantasy role playing game, as life may have turned out even worse if you had have coulda, woulda, should haved.
It's easy to look back and think that you should have married someone else, or not married at all, and that life would have turned out better, because it could always be worse.
Still Not Much to Celebrate in the World of 2021?
If you were to ask me if I ever regretted marrying my ex-wife I would have to honestly answer yes I do, but I don't regret the children I have had with her.
I regret for my children's sake that we will never be able to be together at a family function like a wedding or funeral, because I never want to ever see or speak to her again in this lifetime. 
Such is life, and I do regret that I guess, but so be it.
I had to laugh the other day when I saw this newspaper supplement about couples like myself who get divorced after a very long marriage, because on the back of the newspaper magazine is an advert for a horrible little TV show called 'Breeders' that I thought I would take a look at, thinking it must be worth a watch if they are heavily advertising the show like this. 
The only regret I had was ever getting married
 in the first place
... to her:-)
Ha, ha, couples humour in a restaurant review:-)
I watched the first episode of that 'Breeders' show and was appalled that this show was trying to pretend it was a comedy, because the father in this show swears like a sailor at his kids even throwing in the odd C word.
If I saw and heard a father talking to his young kids like that I'd punch him in the mouth with a handful of soap ... what a c#nt?-) 
No wonder society is spiraling into the gutter with f#ckin' flith like that passing for entertainment:-)
One episode is enough for me thanks, and yes I regret watching that episode now.
And while I don't regret the kids I've had with my ex, I count my blessings that I didn't have any more with her:-)
And on the subject of dark coincidences, Harley talks about an earthquake in Haiti in that talk just a month ago with Bernie and now I see that Haiti is in another natural disaster with around 2000 lives lost and thousands starving and displaced from unlivable homes that were destroyed ... by the hand of God?
I regret that I feel that the world is such a hard place to feel safe in and to watch fellow humans suffer as God seems to stand by and just watch while seemingly doing nothing.
Quake-hit Haitians are clamouring for
food, shelter and medical aid
Is that an example of the "law of truly large numbers" and coincidence?

UPDATE: August 20th, 2021
After I had written this post, I came home with a pile of newspapers my mother had been saving for me (as I don't buy newspapers very often, I just get them off my mother who does) and I see this story above in the August 15th Sunday Mail newspaper about ex-Rabbitoh footy player Sam Burgess having parenting regrets:-)


  1. As always, intriguing, Daz. I send Bernie your question.

  2. Hi Daz, Thanks for your comments and the careful listen. Harley would not have a title without regret being so much a part of the human story. Loss is inevitable. Change is inevitable. I think he is talking about recovery from regret rather than eliminating it. Mentioning Haiti and then the earthquake (again) is probably best thought of us a just a coincidence. What do you think?

  3. I haven't read his books, but "no regrets" sure sounds like eliminating, rather than coping with them to me, but I regret that I may have judged the books by their covers;-)
    I'm sure mentioning the Haiti earthquake weeks before the next big one was just a coincidence, but what's just a coincidence in life anyway, right?
    I like his talk with you and I have had heaps of the those animal signs Harley talks about, so I do believe what he is telling you in the talk, I just don't believe anyone can live without some regrets ... even God:-)