" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 1, 2021

Mexican Radio Misterioso?

Radio Misterioso - Susan Demeter – The Cosmic Witch 
Greg Bishop - Miguel Romero – A Visit To Mexico City
Greg Bishop posted that Tweet at 9:11?!
In an absurd series of coincidences from when I did an Apple Podcast search for David Metcalfe in the Year of the Ox when I was writing this post -
THE SAUCERS WILL KEEP THEIR SECRETS: MetCALFe and Trends in the Year of the Ox?
I not only stumbled across an old podcast interview between 
David Metcalfe and Greg Bishop from the 'Radio Misterioso' podcast, but I also found one between Greg Bishop and the
Red Pill Junkie (AKA Miguel Romero) where Greg goes down to visit RPJ in Mexico City in 2020, after talking to David Metcalfe about the Mexican death saint.
The Seven Colours of Santa Muerte?
Metcalfe, Bowie, 2016 and the Night Mind?
Greg Bishop writes that his visit to Mexico City took place between March 10th to March 17th, 2020.
March 17th is not only St.Patrick's Day, but also synchromystic Jake Kotze's birthday.
Jake Made the synchromystic video 'Miringle' at the top of this post, which featured the subject of the radio, witchey eyes and the
Tokyo 202021 Olympics.
In my recent post called '2021: Living in a Bubble' I featured a Tweet by a sports journalist named Greg Bishop, who posted a Tweet about the lone treadmill runner in the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Games.
And that Tweet was posted at 9:11pm?!
You might want to watch Jake's 'Miringle' video again, if that all flew over the top of your head?-)
Absurd by DeSIGN?-)
Are You Feline Lucky 😼?
Ironically RPJ stars in this old 'Sneaky Sound System' clip below, which was filmed on the Australian Gold Coast, which will be in the area for the 2032 Olympic Games in Brisbane.
20(16 Miles?) U.F.O/O.F.U and Sneaky Sound Synchromysticism?
Red Pill Junkie can be heard on 'The Unseen':-)
How Did Sneaky Sound System's Song UFO Get on the 2020 Sydney Fireworks Soundtrack?
An RPJ Book Cover Design: The Cosmic Witch Cometh
Metcalfe and the Group of Dreams?

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