" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 9, 2021

Let's Talk NDE's and EARthly Life?

As coincidence would have it two podcast episodes about the subject of "Near Death Experiences" hit my iPad pretty close together this Australian morning of August 9th, 2021, and when I had listened to them both I couldn't help thinking how much these two podcast episodes were like two pieces belonging to the one great puzzle of life and death.
August 9th to me also means the anniversary of the wicked murder of the pregnant Sharon Tate and her friends and acquaintances by an evil and deranged guy named Charles Manson and his followers, which was recently brought to light in the movie fantasy story
'Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood', which I must admit is one of my favourite all time movies, and ... SPOILER ALERT ... Sharon and her friends don't get murdered and the tables are turned on the 
evil scum sucking pigs that came to murder them.
Apparently Sharon's mother lent Margot Robbie Sharon's jewelry to wear in that movie.
Is Once Upon a Time in Hollywood a New Level of Genius ... or Just One Accidental Subconscious Synchromystic Trip?
The NDE's of Randy Shiefer
PMH Atwater: The Forever Angels
Anyway, if you listen to these two podcasts you might find as I did that it is rather coincidental that Randy the guest from the
'Let's Talk Near Death' podcast NOW lives the US state of Florida where Rob and Trish the hosts from
PMH Atwater is from the US state of Idaho, where Randy's Florida based hairdresser hails from.
And as much as we like to ponder what happens after we and people we know (and don't know) die, maybe it's just a mysterious to ponder what this world is about in which we are all living in
I also find it interesting that Kirsty has interviewed
Whitley Strieber on her show, who is a friend of Rob and Trish -
Audio Excerpt from Whitley Strieber's Transformation Read by The Bookworm?
Scully reading a parody of Whitley Strieber's Communion
NOW that's all something to think about on this August 9th, 2021 day, don't you think?
And here is something to ponder in two days time -
Books to Movies: What Dreams May Come?

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