" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 5, 2021

The CHRISTine upCHURCH Show - 12 - 20 - 19 - Robert Moss?

Stellar Conversations to Illuminate Your Journey
As I wrote in a previous post I stumbled across
'The Christine Upchurch Show' GPodcast when I did an Apple Podcast search for podcast show episodes featuring the topic of "remote viewing" and I can't say that I was too impressed with Patricia Monna's take on remote viewing and some of her crazy theories about hanging suicides -
I like a Good myth as much as the next person:-)
I was about to flick
'The Christine Upchurch Show' podcast off my list, because my first impression was this sounds like New Agey "it's all Good man" Beleif Systems.
Because while I certainly don't believe the world is all bad, it certainly isn't all good from where I'm looking at it;-)
Then that little "guardian angel" voice of mine kicked in and told me not to be too hasty to leave without having a look and listen to other conversations Christine has had.
So I rolled my eyes and scrolled down her podcast list and three podcast episodes fairly close together caught my eye  ... and my ears after I had listened to them, and I decided that I needed to have a listen to the rest eventually ... but working my way up the list of podcasts, maybe not after seeing an episode on the flat Earth.
You may as well convince me that Santa is real before I believe we live on a flat Earth.
Rolling my eye that God gave me?-)
The main thingk that caught my eye and ears was
Christine's December 2019 talk with fellow Australian Robert Moss ... not that he sounds too Australian to my Australian ears.
To my ears Robert has one of those pretentious upper-class English sounding voices, like my old young Aussie mate Gordon White does.
But hey, they can't help it if they aren't an uneducated high school drop-out with the education and ELOcution lessons that I had while growing up in the country I love;-)
Signs and Choices?
Is that a star sign that I see?-)
My glass star hanging from the roof
As I was listening to Christine talk to Robert Moss yesterday morning on my iPad as I was scooping up water to recycle it to water my lucky bamboo plant, I was looking at the moss growing in the pot and it struck me that while I rarely call my plant Robert, I did joke in an old post that I had named my plant Robert:-)
Robert's moss?-)
My Robert plant:-)
The birdbath with moss and a floating fern?-)
And on the subject of plants and moss, I go outside this morning to check the water level in the birdbath and see it needs another clean-out, as the moss is growing back:-)
As I go to empty out the old water in the birdbath while looking at the moss I have to wipe out of the bottom I notice what looks to me like a New Zealand fern floating in the water, and I wonder where it came from, as I don't have ferns growing around where the birdbath now stands since moving it out of reach from the bird killing cat that hangs around in my backyard sometimes?
But then I looked up and saw the weird fern palm-tree like plant growing in my front yard planted by previous owners and realized the leaf had somehow come from the top of that tree, either by bird or the wind.
I had never found a leaf like that in the birdbath before, and I couldn't help thinking how it looked like the fern on David Hench's New Zealand All Blacks football jersey he was wearing in that You Tube I had watched the day before.
Is that a New Zealand All Blacks football jersey David?
As I was listening to Christine UpChurch talk to Robert Moss, I couldn't help but see the name of the New Zealand city of Christchurch embedded in her name and ponder the mysterious cruel ways of a loving God who should have the ability prevent death in earthquakes and the monstrous actions of some gutless godless monster with a gun?
In a way the city of Christchurch is a microcosm of the greater macrocosm it is living in metaphorically at least, in a spiritual sense, I think.
The name of "Christchurch" was agreed on at the first meeting of the Canterbury Association on 27 March 1848.
It was suggested by founder John Robert Godley, whose alma mater was Christ Church, University of Oxford.
The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure
And while I'm not really a fan of James Redfield's books, he was kind of responsible for getting me out in the world more among the book reading/writing public and starting off a synch-storm of personal coincidence that might put his fiction to shame ... by not showing up for a writers festival I bought tickets to specifically hear him talk at:-)
Shambhala Synchronicity
The Christine UpChurch Show: James Redfield
So I just had to have a listen for old time sake with Christine chatting to James about his life's journey so far. 
And to Christine chatting to Anita Moorjani who I have also never met in person, but have written about on this blog over the years -
Anita Moorjani - Ditch Illness - Find Passion!?
The Christine Upchurch Show: Anita Moorjani
I was surprised to hear Anita say that Ridley Scott has optioned her book to be made into a motion picture.
I'm dying to see that one ... if I live long enough:-)
The Christine Upchurch Show - Vincent James
I did find it interesting when I went to the beginning of the podcast list and listened to a chat Christine had with Vincent James about 88+ Ways Music Can Change Your Life.
I have to be honest that this Earth bound ego is not a Toto fan ... sorry:-)
But life is a journey ... until it isn't;-)

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