" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 15, 2021

Cover to Credits Podcast?

Cover to Credits Podcast
I wrote about stumbling across the
'Cover to Credits' podcast in my post about 'The Little Prince'
The Metaphor of The Rose ... and What Does it Really Mean (Sex or Love ... or Both)?
I've just watched seasons 1 & 2 of 'Big Little Lies' on BINGE  even though I had watched season 1 years ago in the wrong order, starting with the last episode by mistake and not realizing my mistake until I watched the first episode thinking it was the last.
And I started reading the book again from the beginning, because I was half way through reading the book a few years back and put it on my bedside table and it got buried by other books I was reading until I had forgotten about it, until recently.
I wrote about that mix-up in this old 2018 post and the weekend I met the book's author and binged watched season 1 of the show in the wrong order -
I have to admit to liking the book better than the TV show, even though I have only read about half of the book so far.
Not to say that the TV show isn't any good, because it is really good, too.
I just prefer the book's storytelling and Liane's observations on life in general.
I happen to be a Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks supporter and Liane I found out is a Manly supporter, and that weekend we meet at the Byron Writers Festival our two teams were playing each other.
Unfortunately, my team lost in a close game:-(
"This rivalry has been dubbed the "Battle of the Beaches", due to the geographical locations of the two clubs. Manly played the Sharks in two grand finals: 1973 and 1978, which are renowned for being the most brutal in history. Manly won both of these deciders, 10-7 in 1973 and 16-0 in the 1978 replay after the first game ended at 11-all. The Sea Eagles have traditionally had much success over the Sharks, with Cronulla winning at Manly's home ground just five times in their history. However the Sharks' biggest ever win came against Manly, a 68-6 thrashing in 2005. Cronulla and Manly play for the Steve Rogers Trophy when the two clubs meet in the NRL premiership each season. The two teams met in the 2013 finals, when Manly held off Cronulla by 24-18. Most recently the two teams met in the 2019 finals, when Manly beat Cronulla 28-16 at Brookvale Oval.
Page 175 of 'Big Little Lies'
I'll have a future post to explain why I'm reading ... or started reading again from the beginning ... 'Big Little Lies' right now, but this post is more about telling podcast listeners about a good podcast for book lovers and movie buffs and the combined love of both for when a book has been adapted for the screen. 
The 'Cover to Credits' hosts also did a podcast on the book and movie 'Wild' which also starred some of the main actors from the
'Big Little Lies' TV show and was a book I had read and movie I had seen and really liked, as well.

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