" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 14, 2021

The Lost Boys Speak ... Plus Thoughts on Murder, Suicide and God?

The Souls of the Lost Boys Speak w/John Wingate
Afterlife Insights into Suicide, Murder, Trauma w/ Siobhan Smith
I wrote about how I stumbled across the 'Darkness Radio' podcast show in a recent post when I was searching Apple Podcasts for podcast episodes about "remote viewing" -
Is a Dr. David Morehouse Remotely in the House?-)
Hook (1991)
And while I was impressed by a few episodes of the
'Darkness Radio' podcast show and added the show to my Apple Podcasts favourite playlist to receive future episodes, maybe only about 1 episode out of every 5 looks worth a listen to me when I scroll through the playlist.
But one episode dropped onto my iPad on the anniversary of
Robin Williams death (August 11th), and just after I had watched the movie 'Hook' for the first time in my life titled
'The Souls of the Lost Boys Speak w/John Wingate' which grabbed my attention because of "The Lost Boys" in the podcast episode title, and because it had dropped here in Australia on August 11th, 2021, which happened to be the 7 year anniversary of Robin Williams' passing.  
Otherwise I probably would have not even bothered giving the episode a listen.
Panning Back Through 30 years to 1991 and Hook?
That podcast was worth a listen, but my favourite
'Darkness Radio' podcast episode so far was with a woman I hadn't heard of before named Siobhan Smith and who I very much resonated with as far as her beliefs go -
I'm always amazed at how many Catholics/ex-Catholics and Christians are into these investigations into things that go bump in the night.
While I'm not a Roman Catholic
(I'm a Liberal Catholic) I do have a Catholic Bible in my bookcase which I have read from cover to cover years back, and like Siobhan I'm not really into a lot of Catholic beliefs like hell and that suicides go to hell and such, although there are Catholic beliefs I do resonate with, such as "guardian angels" and an afterlife, but like Siobhan I too believe in reincarnation.
Psalm 23 is one of my favourite psalms in the Bible, because whether Jesus was a real historical figure or not, I like the idea of God being a guiding Shepard in the metaphorical sense leading us Earthbound spirits through life to where we have to go to learn our Earthly lessons.      
So I find myself resonating more with Catholic beliefs than not, as I find communion and such rituals of the church rather beautiful and poetic and can see why people like to take part in such rituals, even if they don't believe the official line of the Church and all of the dogma that goes with it.

I prefer the mystery of the Church, rather than the dogma of some of its believers.
And I like to believe that the Lord is my Shepard and the Shepard to all, believers or not.
I don't believe anyone is ever lost in the very long run of life and death.

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