" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 29, 2022

Is a Little Birdy TRYing to Tell Me Something?🐦

I read a post at 'Rune Soup' recently called 'SONG OF THE BIRDS: HAPPY CHRISTMAS' which featured a picture of a food van selling Peruvian food.
But what caught my eye for some reason was a building across the street which had the date 1922 on its facade making the building 100 years old this year, and it was occupied by a dentist, so that does make the building old in the tooth, I thought:-) 
The best team for a great looking smile?
The last time I was down in Newcastle was in 2016 when I stopped in on my way down to Sydney to watch my team the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks play the North Queensland Cowboys in a semi-final on my birthday that year -
New Castle? See Change?
Hunter Street, Newcastle, Australia
My father had just died 10 days before my birthday that year, too -
My Happiest Birthday Ever
And since my father was a cab driver for the majority of his working life it was weird to see a cab parked across the road from the Peruvian food van in this shot below with 13CABS written on the side of the doors.
I've been mulling over another road trip down the east coast of Australia to Tasmania, so maybe the universe is showing me a few signs that it might be time to hit the road again?  
Making great stuff isn't just reserved for beer?
I think seeing the Newcastle Brew Shop next to the dentist shop on a Google Maps street view search and wander was another sign for me to head south soon, as I had just bought a bottle of sparkling wine that comes from Tasmania to pop on New Year's ... and that wasn't even the personal sign I'm taking as the sign:-)
Ends in a 67?-)
'67 is the year the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks entered the national Rugby League competition;-)
Distant South Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir
As I was writing this post up this Darren Hanlon song below randomly hit the You Tube playlist:-)
Unable to Even Touch Elbows with Darren Hanlon During Lock-down in My Town?
Probably just one more sign that I should get out of the home and head south soon?-)
La TΓ­a veneno Newcastle
I'll have to drop into Newcastle on the way down and try some Peruvian chicken, corn and cola:-)
Don't worry, I won't wear my Socceroo jersey in Newcastle ... at least not in that part of town;-)
Or my Sharks jersey, for that matter -
Heidi Regan vs Sharks?
The Newcastle food van menu looks just like the ones you would find on the street in Peru, too.
On the Road to Nowhere?

UPDATE: 30th December 2022
Tasmanian devil found under couch in Hobart
home, after being mistaken for dog's plush toy
I saw this news story above on the Australian national news after I had finished writing this post and it reminded me of the plush Tassie Devil I bought down in Tasmania in 2016 -

UPDATE: December 31st, 2022
I probably should add to this post that
the next chapter of 'Moby Dick' I read after writing up this post was chapter 54, where a tale is told between two sailors about Moby Dick while sharing a drink at The Golden Inn in Lima, Peru:-)

The Killers and Whales of the New South Wales Coast

UPDATE: January 4th, 2023
Oh, and I just saw who the Sharks are playing in Round 1 of the NRL Pre-season Challenge ... the Newcastle Knights:-)

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