" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 12, 2017

Sometimes Life Feels Like Nothing But a Sinking S#it Pit

I was looking at my kitchen table the other day thinking I had better start reading these newspapers that have been piling up and de-clutter my tabletop.
I started reading the newspaper pictured above and saw the headline about another 9/11 being planned by the usual suspects, another gun slaughter in the USA, a story about a huge diamond and an ad for the world's biggest garage sale.
I couldn't help thinking of that John Denver song, 'Some Days are Diamonds' when I read through all of those stories.
And that garden shovel in the ad above made me think that I didn't need a garage sale, I needed a golden shovel to get through most of the news today.
Scovel Your Way Out of the S#it?
The paper under that one had singer Jimmy Barnes on the cover with a quote from him saying how he nearly ended it all one night.
I thought how many blokes haven't thought about that?
Q&A: Jimmy Barnes opens up on addiction and coming back from the brink
In the centre of that paper was a picture of Jimmy standing in the ocean with the headline, "Between a Rock and a Hard Place".
I read that Jimmy Barnes story above and thought it's good to see someone like Jimmy coming out and being honest about those dark nights in his life, and I thought that I should pull his book out of my "to read" pile and make a start on it.
But I discovered that I didn't have that book of Jimmy's.
I had the one he wrote before that (and his children's book), even though I saw him in August at the 'Byron Writers Festival' thinking I had bought his latest book.
I'd seen Jimmy do a talk with Tex Perkins at the writers festival and decided to buy his two books, thinking I was up to date with the books Jimmy had written, but I had 'Working Class Boy', not 'Working Class Man'.
Now I'll have to buy his other book once I've read 'Working Class Boy'.
I do like his children's book though.
The children's book has a CD in the back of it of Jimmy reading the story.
I joked with Jimmy when he was signing the kid's book for me that I had always wanted to learn Scottish;-)
Luckily for me Jim and Tex thought my joke was worth a chuckle and I got to walk away with my signed books ... and teeth still in tact.
I also thought it was rather synchy (sinky?) that next to Jimmy's 'Light in the Dark' newspaper story was a small story about how a lot of young men drown in rips (R.I.Ps?) while swimming in the ocean.
I was nearly one of those young men in my early 20s when I got caught in a rip I didn't think I was going to get out of, which is one of the reasons (besides sharks) that I don't swim in the ocean anymore ... apart from going into waist/waste deep surf;-)
I read my newspapers digesting those stories at my dining table then threw the old newspapers in the recycling bin and went to put a load of washing on.
The life preserver hanging above my dryer caught my eye as I was still thinking about all those years ago and struggling to save myself from drowning and my own suicide attempt on a dark night at the end of my teenage years.
And I thought it was rather apt that I should run into Jimmy in Byron Bay of all places, home of my favourite lighthouse.
Guiding Higher Light
Cape Byron Lighthouse, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia
Life can bring you down at times, but -


  1. Thought I would pass this song along since you appear to be big on music. Stumbled onto it last night. Good stuff. :-)
    ^Broken Social Scene - Protest Song (Official Audio)^

  2. I like it C.F.A, I might have to listen to their whole album 'Hug of Thunder' and if it's any good I will then recommend it to Chris Hemsworth (the Thor actor) if our paths cross;-)

  3. Re:" appear to be big on music..." C.F.A, I'm not really a fan of Jimmy's band 'Cold Chisel', although I do like certain songs like 'Flame Trees', 'No Second Prize' and Jimmy's song 'Working Class Man'.
    I don't own any of Jimmy's songs in any music format and I only ever heard him sing live at a winery that I frequent for its 'Day on the Green' music events, and only because 'The Living End' were on the program (who Jimmy also ended up singing with on the day).
    Jimmy sure can belt out a can his daughter (who was on the same program)...and I think my ears have never been the same since that day;-)
    I don't mind a bit of 'Cold Chisel' occasionally, but when you live in Australia you can never avoid hearing their songs playing somewhere, either on the radio, or at pubs and clubs, etc.
    And thanks for reminding me about music, as I have to buy some music concert tickets before mid-day or I'll miss out on a 25% discount.
    Cheers again C.F.A.