" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 8, 2019

Can Men Be Witches?

Remind you of anything?-)
But I want to be a witch!
I wrote in my post -
A Book of Shadows and a Candle and You're a Star?
that in my opinion men can not be real witches, because it's all about the female reproductive system and having one, as cruel as that sounds.
And I stick by my belief in what I say, and to sum it up here is a page from the book 'Wiccapedia' on crystals and their uses.
This page is about the crystal Moonstone and I think it really does drive home what witchcraft is all about.
I wonder what CΓ©line Dion would say about the
pink and blue candle distinction?-)
I'm fine with dressing babies in pink for girls or blue for boys, because if the babies were left naked, most observers would still draw the same conclusion about the baby's gender.
So, CΓ©line is pretty naive in her augment about the pink and blue colour issue, I think.
I'd say she is on a sinking ship with that one:-)
Jordan Peterson the Culture Warrior?
Jordan Peterson wearing a pink shirt?
I'm not trying to be a Jordan Peterson here, as I'm all for gender equality (within reason), but can you really be a witch, Harry?
Not really in my book, no matter what Leanna says about men being witches (she says they can be).
Interesting book to read I think
I agree with the young lady below, as much as she dances around the issue.
And with this witch below, too.
I'm not a Wiccan and have no desire to be one either ... or a "wizard" for that matter.
But Harry might learn a thing or two by listening to Teal Swan in the video below.
When Harry can do paintings like Teal's I'll call him a witch, until then you're a wizard Harry, like it or not.
These are just observations from someone sitting on the sideline watching the game and calling it as I see it.
Just because you call yourself a bird, doesn't mean you'll be able to fly with those wings that you really don't possess.
And what is a "Moon River" anyway?-)

UPDATE: 2019

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